ANR: Revised Site Architecture v3 (shared)

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ANR: Revised Site Architecture v3 (shared) by Mind Map: ANR: Revised Site Architecture v3 (shared)

1. Homepage

1.1. What is the problem?/Why we do what we do? 1) Flesh out "Many people are still exposed to  secondhand smoke..." e.g. breakdown groups of those afflicted: casino workers, MUH residents. 2) Visuals.

1.2. How we solve the problem:

1.2.1. 1) Help communities pass strong policies/laws, 2) Fight Big Tobacco).Laws and policies are very effective at protecting nonsmokers. The tobacco industry is still an opponent to these public health efforts and is not a ‘good corporate citizen’ in fact, they are adjudicated racketeers who have not ‘paid their dues’ or held accountable; and that emerging products like electronic cigarettes are of concern.

1.2.2. Big Tobacco's Current Tactics

1.3. How Can I Help

1.3.1. Featured Campaigns

1.3.2. Start a Campaign

1.4. Email Sign Up

2. Omnipresent

2.1. Make a Contribution

2.2. Become a Member

2.3. Email Sign-up

2.4. ANRF Link

2.5. Protect Local Control Link

2.6. Search Bar

2.7. Privacy Policy

2.8. Social Media Links

2.8.1. YouTube

2.8.2. Twitter

2.8.3. Facebook

2.8.4. Instagram

2.8.5. Linkedin

2.9. Press Room

3. About Us

3.1. Mission Statement

3.2. A History of Advocacy - timeline

3.3. Board of Directors

3.4. Staff Directory

3.5. Contact Us

3.6. Become a Member

4. Featured Campaigns


4.1.1. Individual Campaign Name Region / State Category - e-cigarettes, marijuana etc... Status Legislation Pending Legislation Passed Legislation Failed - Why did it fail? Do we call out the individuals who blocked this change? What can we do better next time? Who is affected? Definition of the User Group - Who are they? How is smoking affecting their lives? How they will benefit from a smoke free environment. User Stories The Facts Facts about exposure to smoking / second-hand smoke Infographic / Map ??? What can I do? Call to Action - Take Action

5. Get Involved

5.1. Start a Campaign

5.1.1. Campaign Guide Text to mimic somewhat the content we have on in the Going Smokefree > In Your Community section Model Ordnance Language Cleaning the Air Guide (PDF)

5.1.2. Campaign Services - speakers, trainings

5.2. Adopt a Smokefree Meeting Policy

5.3. Make a Contribution

5.4. Become a Member

5.5. Email Sign-up

5.6. Register to Vote

5.7. Share Your Story

5.7.1. Title - Story/Question Submission

5.7.2. Image

5.7.3. Body text

5.7.4. Form Name Input Email Input Your Story Input Checkbox: Can we post your story to the website? Check this box if yes. Checkbox: Withold your name from your story submission. Checkbox: Receive our Smokefree Casinos Email Alerts. Button - Submit

6. Our Impact

6.1. Brief History of movement

6.2. Where We Are Active

6.3. Success Stories - Greatest Achievements???

6.4. Our Events

6.5. Quarterly Newsletters

6.5.1. Membership Sign-Up

6.5.2. Institutional Subscriber?

6.6. What our Partners Say

6.7. Contract Services - webinar, training, conference etc...