Scale and Conflict Types

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Scale and Conflict Types by Mind Map: Scale and Conflict Types

1. A local racial conflict is the shooting in El Cajon. An unarmed black guy (Alfred Olango) was shot by police and died. He pulled out a vaping device and that was when he got shot and tasered. Later, people heard about this and started protesting because he was a killed for no reason. The protesters were breaking windows and were throwing glass bottles to police.

2. A local religious/ethnic conflict is the Palestinians Al Aqsa Holy site. according to the Los Angeles Times, "clashes broke out Sunday morning between Israeli police and Palestinians." Palestinians weren't so happy when they let jews to go and make prayers for the Jewish New Year.

3. A local resource driven/territorial conflict is the Civil War. The meaning of a civil war is a war between people of the same country. The civil war was caused by  the differences between the free and slave because they were both treated differently. The slaves were treated bad by the free.

4. A local Ideological conflict is west against fundamental Islam. It's just a movement of Muslims who harken back to earlier times and seek to return to the fundamentals of the religion.

5. A local class/economic conflict is homeless people of downtown San Diego. People living on the streets in downtown San Diego is a serious problem because it increased 19% in a year.

6. A regional/national religious/ethnic conflict is America VS ISIS. ISIS is a very dangerous group. They kill people for wanting a part of land. They will even sacrifice their lives just to steal the lives of others.

7. A regional/national racial conflict is false imprisonment in America. False imprisonment is the act of restraining a person against his/her will in a bounded area without any justification. It's giving someone consequences without legal authority.

8. A regional/national resource driven/territorial conflict is the Mexican-American War. In 1846-1848 America troops attacked Mexico and took one-third of Mexico's territory.

9. A regional/national ideological conflict is the cold war. The cold war is how  the relationship between the United States and the soviet union was left after world war 2.

10. A regional/national class/economic conflict is the Class War in America. From 1950-2010 the productivity done is only 254.3% and according to the website,, that's not enough job getting done.

11. A global religious/ethnic conflict is racial profiling around the world. People are judging, treating other people differently because of their race, looks. They treat them horribly just because of their appearance. They don't even know who they are and what they do but just mistreat them because of their appearance.

12. A global racial conflict is black lives matter around the world. The "war" between blacks and whites happened a long time ago but " #blacklivesmatter" started in 2012 when Trayvon Martin, age 17, was killed by police and now people protest and complain when some colored person gets shot by police.

13. A global resource driven/territorial conflict is the territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Several sovereign states near the region (namely Brunei, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam) want to claim island and maritime.

14. A global ideological conflict is terrorism in the world. Terrorist attacks are a huge problem.. The percentage of attacks is increasing in the world by 61%. Last year there was about 17,958 deaths because of these attacks and 85% percent of the killings were at Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Nigeria, and Syria.

15. A global class/economic conflict is the United States and Japan. People are unsure of their relationship. People say that it's a good relationship because they both hate China and they trust each other.