Tracktivity: Amsterdam

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Tracktivity: Amsterdam by Mind Map: Tracktivity: Amsterdam

1. Studio K

1.1. Building

1.1.1. Interesting how it is placed in a busy neighbourhood

1.1.2. Nice to see how they put something new in it

1.2. Guest Lectures

1.2.1. Very interesting

1.2.2. Fun to know Studio K is run by students Inspiring

1.2.3. Learned a lot about why these guests do their job

1.3. Concept Studio K

1.3.1. Interesting

1.3.2. Run by students It's funny when they are students and have to talk to people how it have to go when they are younger

1.3.3. The idea of the movie theatre is very interesting

1.3.4. How Studio K is run is nice to know You can make you "own" department inside the company

2. Flying Guide

2.1. Very interesting presentation

2.1.1. I did not know anything about the KLM houses

2.2. Tour was very interesting

2.2.1. I never had a tour through Amsterdam before, but I know for sure there are no tours like this one

2.2.2. He told a lot of fun facts I laughed a lot I was very interested

3. Olympic Stadium

3.1. I did not know there was an Olympic Stadium in the Netherlands

3.2. Buildings' History

3.2.1. Throughout the tour I found the history of the building very interesting It has been through a lot

3.3. Funfacts

3.3.1. The tour had a lot of fun facts which were interesting Jan Wils Games at the Olympic Games which are not played anymore Architecture

3.4. Presentation

3.4.1. We did not get everything out of it Not a lot of people asked questions

3.4.2. The answers she gave were interesting Sometimes they were also a bit vague and not really an answer to the question

4. Overall

4.1. Learned a lot about Amsterdam and the Tourism, culture and sport in the city

4.2. The day was very interested

4.3. I was glad I went

4.4. Expectations were exceeded

4.4.1. The day was more fun than I thought

4.4.2. Studio K was more interesting than I thought

4.4.3. Flying Guide was a lot more fun Glad it did not rain Learned a lot more than I thought

4.4.4. I learned more from the Olympic Stadium than I would have thought