My Teenage Years

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My Teenage Years by Mind Map: My Teenage Years

1. Emotion/behavior

1.1. became very distant from my family

1.2. wanted to "fit in" desperately and be well liked.

1.3. Rebelled against my parent's wishes and the school rules, got into a lot of trouble in secondary school.

1.4. Also started to explore my own sexuality, after all being in an all girl's school for 10 years of my life.

1.5. Became more aggressive to my parents and teachers.

1.6. Self-cautious of my body and whether I was thin enough or pretty. I remember my friends comparing each others' thigh gaps...

1.7. Started to approach the opposite gender more

2. Physical

2.1. My height increased at every height and weight check until the age of 15.

2.2. The usual body changes started happening from age 11, like the growth of breasts, widening of hips, starting my menstruation etc.