Global Goals

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Global Goals by Mind Map: Global Goals

1. No poverty

1.1. How do they manage to do the same thing every day for their life?

1.1.1. The husband's work all day just to get 2 pounds of money to help their family every day for their life.

1.2. What kind of diseases affects the people living in poverty?

1.2.1. The diseases of poverty like TB, malaria, and HIV/AIDS-and the often co-morbid and ubiquitous malnutrition-take their healthy life turning it into disaster.

1.2.2. Since 1990, deaths of children under 5 have been halved by 12.2 million to 6.3 million.

1.3. Does the government help them at all?

1.3.1. They don't really help them because they don't actually seem like they are part of the world but people complain and ask for more money and to let live better.

1.3.2. The government doesn't help them because they think that everything is going all right but then poor people get mad because their like. where is my money, why are they so slow. Million of people living in poverty complain that their not getting enough from the government and that when they do their jobs they're paid so little and some people who have wealth want's the government to give them more money.

1.4. How many times do these people in poverty think that someone could help them?

1.4.1. Everyone thinks that god is the one helping them but it's actually people who have the power to either give them money or to not give them anything. All people living poor go to a very bad built church to pray to god that someday when they get older and then god will help them to pay for better resources but the problem is god is a myth so that the only thing that is helping them, it's them self.

1.5. How much healthcare do they get everyday?

1.5.1. They don't really get healthcare because they can't afford it with the money they need for food.

1.5.2. The healthcare for people in poverty have no reason to use it because... 1. It's far to expensive for them and 2. No one helps them or gives them a safety kit like the government, people outside the world have to help them but fundraising for them.

1.6. What do they do in the day (Morning to evening)?

1.6.1. Some people are bin men waking up at 6:30 and go out with their trolly that they have to carry and go collecting trash from 100 houses and filling the cart 5 times.

1.7. How many people does the government help?

1.7.1. The government helps people who really need the help in this case because if the government doesn't give everyone in poverty help then the population will grow and then there is no way to stop it.

2. Main question: What is life of a person living in poverty?

2.1. It doesn't matter what or how much they get at least they understands the word Satisfaction '' this is where the difference lies bw poor and rich people. Rich ones are always unsatisfied so just keep fighting to get to some more. N whereas poor people make themselves happy in what they have. Also Poor people doesn't let there children's to get educated as they think it'll create another sort of burden to get some other stuff like copies , pencils , dress etc . rather than getting those children's educated they ask them to do what the elders do and thus one who is poor remains poor. So the greatest poverty is in being Unwanted , unloved and uncaring In the society.

2.2. The life of person living in poverty is like hell, he doesn't get the proper food to fulfill the needs of stomach, he sacrifices every time for food also, problems like shelter, food, basic requirements to live the life are also not get fulfilled properly. He is not living with the modern amenities, he sacrifices for education also. Hence, the life of person living in poverty is not better.

2.3. The people living in slums are gonna be having trouble with the future because how will they manage the future with all the healthcare they can't get and if they get sick, what are they going to do to stop it because they can't pay it off.