Ed3508 Online Class

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Ed3508 Online Class by Mind Map: Ed3508 Online Class

1. Digital Citizenship

1.1. Digitial Literacy And ethics

1.1.1. Participation

1.1.2. Privacy Virtual footprint

1.1.3. Credibility

1.1.4. Identity Theft

1.1.5. Trustworthyness

1.2. Respect

1.2.1. Respect yourself

1.2.2. Respect others

1.2.3. Respect intellectual property

1.3. 9 Stream of Digital Citizenship

1.3.1. Respect yourself/Respect Others Digital Etiquette Netiquette: How we communicate online. Digital access Digital Law

1.3.2. Educate yourself/Connect with Others Digital literacy Digital communication Digital commerce

1.3.3. Protect yourself/Protect Others Digital Rights and Responsibilities Digital Health and Wellness Digital Security

2. Web Awareness

2.1. Internet Safety

2.2. Impact of Sexually Explicit Material

2.3. Cyberbullying

2.3.1. Snapchat This tool needs to be ethically considered before using this as a tool. Snapchat can easily become a bullying tool because once you send something and the bullied opens it, it disappears forever. There is no evidence. When people use technology they often will do things they would never say or do in person. This app allows for this kind of activity to happen. Especially because this app is popular among younger people. As a teacher we would need to teach students how to properly use snapchat. What is appropriate and what is not. Also we could teach students about how to add friends, block friends, and about how we need to be safe about who we are adding.

2.4. Web Awareness for Teachers

2.4.1. Its an obligation to attend for safety of your students - This includes online. We are "in loco parentis"

2.5. Things to consider about the Internet

2.5.1. Providing too much personal information

2.5.2. authenticity of information on the web Not everything on the web is fact eg. Male Pregnancy and Genochoice Email Validity Marketing Privacy Copyright - Copy and Paste

2.5.3. There are unhealthy sites that should be avoided

2.5.4. copyright Create a classroom where these values are modelled and taught Intellectual Property

2.5.5. Marketing to kids on the web

2.6. Approaches for Addressing Internet safety

2.6.1. 10 ways

2.6.2. Educational Games

2.6.3. Cybertips

2.6.4. Govt of Canada

2.6.5. Common Sense Media/Lesson Plans

3. Tool of the Week

3.1. Webquest

3.2. Webquest Design Process