Patrick's Walking Plan

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Patrick's Walking Plan by Mind Map: Patrick's Walking Plan

1. Linguistic Intelligence: Due to Patrick having good language and communication skills, I believe non-stop encouragement and reassurance would help him excel during his 30 minute walk as well as keeping constant conversation with Patrick to help assist with staying on task.

2. Musical Intelligence: Provide Patrick with an IPod and ear buds to this to his favorite music making it fun and less distraction from the noses around him outside. Patrick will have a list of his favorite songs on his IPod to listen to and will be singing along while on his walk.

3. Logical Mathematic Intellingence: Patrick will be counting light post on his walk to help keep focus as well as making sure Patrick has the healthy understanding as to why he is walking and the reward that will come about with him continuing to walk.

4. Naturalistic Intelligence: Patrick expressed he would like to do his 30 minute walk in his neighborhood; that will consist of walking in his favorite area whether it be through a park or down his favorite street creating comfortability.

5. Spatial Intelligence: Together we will map out a route for Patrick to follow as well as having him count the sidewalk blocks to help Patrick stay focused on his steps as well as making sure not to step on a crack. :)

6. Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence: Allowing Patrick to have arm movements as well as dance moves while listening to his music on his walk. Walking and dancing along side him would be an fun option as well. Patrick will also engage in singing to his favorite songs while on his walk.

7. Interpersonal Intelligence: Having a friend or Patrick's favorite neighbor walk alone side him for his 30 minute walk, keeping Patrick motivated as well as using Animal Therapy and having Patrick walk with a dog beside him creating comfort and making it fun.

8. Intrapersonal Intelligence: Monitoring Patrick's progress at the end of every week will be a technique to make him feel successful and have self-awareness of what he is able to achieve. Together, we will also create a calendar to apply stickers to after every walk.