Alek Matthew Zervos

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Alek Matthew Zervos by Mind Map: Alek Matthew Zervos

1. Education

2. 1. Creative Thinking- This is my strongest asset because I'm a person who likes to ask why.

3. 2. Practical Thinking- I'm a person who learns from experiences and apply this to new experiences.

4. Successful Intelligence

4.1. 3. Analytical Thinking- I can recognize when a problem is happening and understand why it might be happening.

5. Interests

5.1. Traveling

5.2. Exotic Things

5.3. Sports

5.4. Politics

5.5. Philosophy

6. Values

6.1. Self-Improvement

6.2. Exploration

6.3. Family

6.4. Memories

7. Emotional Intelligence

7.1. Above Average EQ

7.2. I'm often good at my own emotions as well as others.

8. Career Interests

8.1. Market Manager

8.2. Personal Financial Advisor

8.3. Buisness

9. Multiple Ways To Learning

9.1. Lowest: Naturalistic- I am not a big science person.

9.2. Highest: Verbal-Linguistic (21) Intrapersonal (21)

10. BE Results

10.1. Physiological: I learn best during the afternoon because that is when my body is most awake.

10.2. Environment: I like quiet, high lighting, cold, and informal seating.

11. Personality Spectrum

11.1. Highest: Giver- I tend to think and care for others.

11.2. Lowest: Organizer- I'm a poor planner.

12. Study Strategies

12.1. Partner Quizzing

12.2. Rereading Notes

12.3. Self Thinking

13. Preferred Teaching Styles

13.1. Visual Focus

13.2. I like instructor's who use pictures and drawings to explain ideas.