Sustainability Affairs

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Sustainability Affairs by Mind Map: Sustainability Affairs

1. Projects/Initiatives

1.1. Public opinion survey

1.1.1. Dr. Shwom sent results

1.2. Recycling initiatives

1.2.1. Edible spoons E-mail guy 11/28/16: I e-mailed him about two weeks ago and he still hasn't responded =[ Research different companies and figure out which one give the most feasible options time and money-wise Booth: Wheel with questions on them: get a spoon if they participate in the educational game!

1.2.2. Signs on recycling bins showing what can and can't be recycled (permanent?)

1.2.3. Electronic Note-taking

1.2.4. water bottles

1.3. Awareness events

1.3.1. BEES! For spring, but feel free to come up with ideas earlier

1.4. Tours of Rutgers facilities

1.4.1. Douglass solar facilities?

1.4.2. Sustainable agriculture on C/D?

1.4.3. Waste management

1.5. Volunteering days

1.6. Bring in guest speakers

1.6.1. Arturo Villegas of XSPEED Turbine Technologies, LLC (talk to Dr. Diez)

1.6.2. David Talarico, green energy competition winner

1.6.3. Rutgers Professors!

1.7. SEI Billion Dollar Green Challenge??

1.8. Vending misers

1.8.1. Ask Narayani about progress

1.9. Sustainable Design competitions

1.9.1. Gingerbread houses! Coastal houses to survive tsunami Self-sustaining house (food, energy, etc) Fit the most people comfortably and safely in a certain area Uses minimal supplies

1.9.2. REI contest

1.9.3. Transportation theme?

1.9.4. Water stuff

1.10. Add Sustainability minor classes to approved humanities list

1.11. Sustainability newsletters for internships/jobs/volunteering

1.12. Collaborations

1.12.1. Students for Environmental Awareness will probably go scout their monday 9:30 meetings

1.12.2. Engineers Without Borders

2. Contact Info

2.1. Sara Atzbi

2.2. Valeria Saro

3. Schedule

3.1. Week of 10/12

3.1.1. Recruitment Mass e-mails Flyers Announcements in class Google Forms e-mail list

3.2. Week of 10/18

3.2.1. Overview

3.2.2. Decide on future meeting topics/themes Recycling Solar Power in parking lots Renewable Energy Nuclear Energy Wind Power tree- Livi? Electric Transportation Food Biodegradable stuff Lights Deforestation lol Raritan River? Animals: livestock/roadkill/testing Sustainability in the Lab Fuel Sustainable Design Other schools

3.2.3. Quick plan of semester

3.3. Week of 10/27

3.3.1. discussed recycling initiatives

3.3.2. bees event for springs

3.3.3. edible spoons

3.3.4. stone paper discussion


3.4. Week of 11/1

3.4.1. Renewable Energy

3.4.2. The Green Program

3.4.3. More on edible spoons

3.5. Week of 11/8

3.5.1. Progress update on edible spoons

3.5.2. Guest speaker

3.6. Week of 11/15

3.7. Week of 11/22

3.8. Week of 11/29

3.9. Week of 12/6(?)

3.10. Week of 12/13 (?)

4. Meeting layout, general:

4.1. 1) Go over current initiatives progress

4.2. 2) Theme/Topic

4.3. 3) Identify problems

4.4. 4) Discuss possibilities to work on solutions w/in community

5. Meetings Tuesdays at 7:00pm in EN-D113

6. Links

6.1. Green energy competition, Talarico, wind power

6.2. Coastal climate risk and resilience initiative

6.3. Rutgers Energy Institute contest

6.4. SOE Startup

6.5. Edible Spoons

6.6. Sustainability Careers

6.7. Swedish Trash/Recycling

7. Earth week