Emily's Map of Choices

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Emily's Map of Choices by Mind Map: Emily's Map of Choices

1. Journalist

1.1. reporting about important world issues & making a difference

1.1.1. helping people indirectly?

1.2. travelling

1.3. languages

1.4. would bring  out my more extroverted side (by interviewing and talking to people etc)

1.4.1. combine journalist + photographer?

1.5. very strong writing skills

1.6. suggestion by parents

1.7. downside: job would be rather stressful

1.7.1. not my own 'boss'

1.7.2. have to meet deadlines

1.7.3. have to be online & ready to help out or come to work early or stay longer [note: I don't know if there's an exact word for that in English; I couldn't find a translation]

1.7.4. I tend to procrastinate a lot & finish things last minute

2. Writer/Author

2.1. talent

2.1.1. very strong writing skills

2.2. passion

2.3. career path followed by many INFPs

2.4. suggestion by Myers-Briggs

2.5. suggestion by my parents

2.6. I love literature (books, reading, writing)

2.7. I like languages & have a talent for speaking foreign languages (my mother language is German, but I love to write in English & speak French & Spanish)

2.8. I need to express myself through written words

2.9. I am creative & have a vivid imagination

2.10. time to spend on my own

2.11. get to be my own boss – work times, work place etc

2.12. flexible schedule

2.13. probably difficult to make enough money to support family if I'm not a very well known writer

3. Librarian

3.1. get to help people on a daily basis

3.2. literature – I love love love literature

3.2.1. working wth and organizing books

3.3. organized & fairly structured person

3.4. I love libraries

3.5. introvert: peace, quiet, working by myself

3.6. downside: want something intellectually more challenging

3.7. career suggested for INFPs and ISFJs

4. Artist

4.1. creativity & expressing imagination through drawing, painting, sculpting etc

4.2. time for myself

4.3. get to be free

4.3.1. travelling to find inspiration?

4.4. passion

4.5. talent

4.6. career suggestion by Myers-Briggs

4.7. hard to succeed/make enough money to be able to support family

5. Photographer

5.1. talent

5.1.1. no professional experience though

5.2. making a difference or helping people indirectly (paired with journalism, reporting about important social/political/world issues)

5.2.1. travelling

5.3. form of art & being creative

5.4. passion

6. Editor

6.1. languages

6.2. reading manuscripts of novels

6.2.1. getting inspiration for own writing, leaning from other people's faults?

6.3. helping people modify their work

6.4. I like correcting written pieces

6.5. very strong writing & grammar skills

6.6. suggestion by my parents

7. Historian

7.1. curious & inquisitive person

7.2. like getting information

7.3. satisfying because intellectually challenging & (hopefully) not a repetitive job that gets boring

7.4. antique (Roman, Greek, Byzantine, etc) art, architecture, myths …

7.5. literature

7.6. other cultures

7.7. 'travelling' in time

7.8. languages

7.8.1. I would have an actual reason to explain why I would love to learn Latin and (Ancient) Greek :)

7.9. kind of inspired by reading and learning about Roman and Greek myths

7.10. no professional experience or even exact idea of what you usually do as a historian

7.11. this actually just got me the idea of becoming a restorer of old sculptures/paintings (not sure if that's what it's called though)

7.11.1. creative work, doesn't get boring (I guess?)

7.11.2. challenging work

7.11.3. work in (or for) museum which would be pretty cool