Technology in Education

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Technology in Education by Mind Map: Technology in Education

1. ISTE Standards for Students

1.1. Global collaborator

1.1.1. Connect with learners and tools from all over the world

1.2. Digital citizen

1.2.1. Students recognize the rights and responsibilities that come with technology

1.3. Empowered learner

1.3.1. Students utilize technology to take an active role in their education, on all fronts.

1.4. Innovative designer

1.4.1. Creativity and expansion of knowledge through using many mediums of technology

1.5. Creative communicator

1.5.1. Students able to express knowledge clearly on a variety of platforms

2. ISTE Standards for Teachers

2.1. Promote digital citizenship

2.1.1. Advocate, model and promote safe and ethical use of digital age information technology

2.2. Engage in professional growth

2.2.1. Participate in learning communities

2.3. Inspire creativity

2.4. Digital age learning experiences

2.4.1. Incorporate digital tools and resources to supplement student activity

2.5. Model digital age work

2.5.1. Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and transfer that knowledge

3. Learning and Technology Policy Framework

3.1. Student-centred learning

3.1.1. Students use technology to access and share knowledge

3.2. Research and innovation

3.2.1. Technology is supported by and familiar to education professionals

3.3. Professional learning

3.3.1. Teachers stay up to date on latest technology trends and knowledge

3.4. Leadership

3.4.1. Teachers champion innovative uses for technology

3.5. Access, infrastructure and digital learning environments

3.5.1. Access to devices, networks and facilities

4. ICT Program of Studies

4.1. Students will use technology to communicate with others.

4.2. Processes for productivity

4.3. Students will critically assess information found through technology

4.4. Students will approach technology ethically and responsibly

4.5. Students will use technology for inquiery