7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Social Structure and Family Life

1.1. The shang people were skilled workers.

1.2. They new how to use bone, jade, wood, shells, prooven by the excavated places.

1.3. They had a king, military, merchants and farmers.

1.4. The elite were buried in elaborate pit tombs, the people who built the tombs were buried with dead royalty, the lesser classes were buried in pits and sometime the lowest class got thrown in wells.

1.5. shang zou

1.6. The temple was control of the economic structure.

1.7. It was viewed as the house hold of the patron god.

1.8. Most of the workers like craftsmen and so on were workers at the temples too.

1.9. long distance trades where organized and supplied by the temple.

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Shang Zhou

2.1.1. The Copper and tin also allowed parts for the chariots to be made.

2.1.2. Another thing that copper was used was for ritual vessels, which played an important role for the culture at that time.

2.1.3. The earliest chinese bronzes were made by the method known as piece-mold casting and allowed design on the inner sides

2.1.4. Alloy of copper and tin was used for fashioning weapons.

2.2. Sumerians

2.2.1. Wooden-Oared ships, sometimes pulled upstream by people and animals walking along the nearby banks.

2.2.2. System of weights and and measures were developed which served the ancient world until the Roman period.

2.2.3. Used tools such as saws, chisels, and hammers to craft and combine materials.

2.2.4. The sumerians were  the people who came up with the idea of dividing the hour into 60 minutes and the minute into 60 seconds.

3. Government and Leaders

3.1. Shang/Zhou

3.2. Their government was based on feudal system.

3.3. Mandate from heaven taught their leaders gained authority from the gods.

3.4. The nobles who had fiefs usually owned farms, who worked at people that had farms from their relatives.

3.5. They had a king Zhou who they would worship.

3.6. Sumerians

3.7. Their government  was a mix of monarchy and democracy

3.8. The kingdoms of Sumer were organized into city-states and the kind ruled each one for the gods.

3.9. Kings were assisted by Priests, Scribes, and Nobles.

3.10. One of the most famous Priest-Kings was Gilgamesh of Uruk.

4. Arts and Education

4.1. Shang/Zhou

4.1.1. The Knotted Dragon was a gift from Ernest Erickson Fountain.

4.1.2. The Altar Set was around the twenty-eighth century, It was one of their technology advancements.

4.1.3. was taught by their elder's sometimes.

4.1.4. They had an academy sense 360 bc.

4.2. sumerians

4.2.1. They learned by copying lessons down on their clay tablets.

4.2.2. Their headmaster/father, and other teachers are monitors and protectors of the school.

4.2.3. The main form of art was sculptures in stone and clay.

4.2.4. They painting a little bit, Because a few paintings survived.

5. Economy and Trade

5.1. Shang/Zhou

5.2. They traded their metal arts for food.

5.3. They had rice farms for food to grow an trade.

5.4. They found how to make bronze and tools from bronze

5.5. There was a lot of open fields and mountainy.

5.6. Sumarina

5.7. There were lots of canals and damns.

5.8. They traded metals and timber, and stone

5.9. They would trade for jewelry and weapons.

5.10. They would farm wheat and barley.

6. Geography and Agriculture

6.1. Sumerian

6.1.1. The land is Fertile from the rain for easier crop planting and growing.

6.1.2. Water streams flowing from the top of the mountains down to the bottom and makes living easier with water resource

6.1.3. Land used of Timber and metal used to make certain objects that helped them.

6.1.4. Various plains that were very resourceful for planting crops.

6.2. Shang Zou

6.2.1. Natural Barriers protected surroundings for animals and other groups of people

6.2.2. Barrier by the Yellow sea that was used for a good water resource.

6.2.3. Has Gobi desert stretched across the middle that made living much harder.

6.2.4. Mongolian Plateau runs across the top of Shang Zhou giving harsh dry weather.

7. Religion

7.1. Shang Zou

7.2. The axle age was the worlds major  religion systems emerged.

7.3. They had many different religions like Buddhism,Taoism,Confucianism.

7.4. Everyone in the Shang/Zhou had worshiped many gods because of the religons in China.

7.5. In addition of people worshiping the gods was called Shang TI.

7.6. Sumeria

7.6.1. They had temples and priest.

7.6.2. They wrote down there beliefs and one of the first to write it down.

7.6.3. From writing down there religion they later learned astrology

7.6.4. Each city housed had a temple around there house to worship there god.