Chescos Hostel & Hotel

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Chescos Hostel & Hotel by Mind Map: Chescos Hostel & Hotel

1. Hostel En Salinas Ecuador

1.1. Recalling the golden days of your hostel life? Then, why don’t you go back in time? Surprised? Yes, you can by booking your stay at Chescos en Salinas Ecuador. Located amidst idyllic surroundings, we have everything that you deserve and want to make your stay comfortable, convenient and memorable. For more information, visit

2. Hotel En Salinas

2.1. Do you want to feel the various hues of nature at one place? Then, come at Chescos, an oceanfront hotel en Salinas which offers spacious, comfortable and safe rooms equipped with modern amenities at moderate costs. We provide indoor and outdoor facilities to make your staying experience fun, exciting, relaxing and unforgettable.

3. Hostel En Salinas

3.1. Do you wish you had an option to relive and enjoy your hostel’s days? Then, book your stay at Chescos, a hostel cum hotel en Salinas and freshen up your memories. We have 24 hours front desk, with a balcony lounge, private and shared rooms, free Wi-Fi, TVs, outdoor furniture, shared kitchen with barbecue and good music.

4. Hoteles Economicos En Salinas

4.1. Do you feel like you are not made for luxurious vacation and comfort? Then, Chescos can help you in transforming your thought. We are one of the oceanfront hoteles en Salinas, where you can experience and enjoy world class hospitality, modern amenities, comfortable and spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor facilities in an economicos way.

5. Hotels in Salinas

5.1. If you are in Salinas, choose a hotel or hostel near or on the beach. There are several expensive and budget-friendly hotels in Salinas that offer various types of services. But when it is about a hotel offering great facilities that make your Salinas trip a memorable one at low prices

6. Hospedaje En Salinas

6.1. Have a desire to enjoy every bit of luxury amidst the beauty of nature? Then, book your stay at Chescos and experience a new way of hospedaje at budget friendly prices. Based en Salinas, we have 24 hour front desk, balcony lounge, private and shared rooms, hammock, free Wifi, Tvs, outdoor furniture and shared kitchen with barbecue.