Short Story Outline

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Short Story Outline by Mind Map: Short Story Outline

1. Characters

1.1. Names

1.1.1. Main Character: Layla Allen

1.1.2. Mother: Susan Allen

1.1.3. Layla's competition: Anastasia White

1.1.4. Music Scout: Mr. Phillip

1.1.5. Layla's dad: Joel Allen

1.2. Physical appearance

1.2.1. Layla: Skinny, medium length brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, average height

1.2.2. Susan: fit but on the skinnier side, short brown hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, average height

1.2.3. Anastasia: physically fit,long golden blond hair, piercing blue eyes, tan skin, tall

1.2.4. Mr. Phillip: blad, wears glasses, wears dark suits, shorter business man look.

1.2.5. Joel: bright green eyes, light brown hair, tall, fit, tan skin

1.3. Personality

1.3.1. Layla: submissive, diligent, on the quieter more introverted side, scared to speak up for herself

1.3.2. Susan: "tiger mom", loud, bold, demanding, difficult to please

1.3.3. Anastasia: extrovert, "perfect girl", kind, daring, strong, competitive, funny

1.3.4. Joel: absent, unreliable, unsubmissive

1.4. Background

1.4.1. Layla: spent her whole life listening to her mom, trying to be the best at viola, struggles to impress and keep her mom happy. Her dad left when she was young.

1.4.2. Susan: a working single mother that spends most of her free time pushing Layla to practice, practice, practice.

1.4.3. Anastasia: Layla's biggest competitor in Viola. She is the best at everything, has a perfect family, and always seems to be fighting with Layla for the top viola title.

1.4.4. Joel: Married Susan and had Layla, but couldn't get along after, their personalities kept on clashing, so he left them

2. Setting

2.1. Time

2.1.1. The story takes place over the course of 2 days.

2.2. Place

2.2.1. The story takes place in Layla's practice room and in the concert hall.

2.3. Location details

2.3.1. The main locations when Layla practices is in her practice room, her house is where she spends her free time, and a large concert hall is where her performance is.

3. Conflict

3.1. Susan, a single mother of Layla, is her viola teacher. She pushes Layla too far to be the best violist, Layla has a passion for playing, but wants to have a life outside of viola, whereas her mother sees viola as Layla's only future. She is accepted to play at a concert in front of many music college scouts, Layla's mother pushes her day and night to practice.

4. Rising Action

4.1. Susan pushes Layla to practice so hard and so much that she gets cuts on her fingers, she has to bandage them up

4.2. Layla finds out Mr. Phillip will be attending the concert.

4.3. Layla gets bruises on her neck and pain in her left wrist from playing too much.

5. Climax

5.1. Layla's flawless performance at the concert hall.

6. How will this be resolved?

6.1. Layla's mother is finally satisfied when listening to her performance.

7. Theme and Symbolism

7.1. Themes: the troubles with family, betrayal, practice makes perfect, the desire for perfection, motherly oppression, competition, and hard work

7.2. Symbolism: Layla's viola: the viola is made perfect, but it takes a long time to make it a flawless instrument, Anastasia: jealousy, rivalry and competition with our peers, the stage: a final performance, the result of hard work, acclamation