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Mindmeister? by Mind Map: Mindmeister?

1. The disadvantages and advantages  mindmeister has!


1.1.1. Is saves automatically

1.1.2. A group can collaborate on a mind map together

1.1.3. There are different types of themes and templates

1.1.4. It is a beautiful way to organize your ideas

1.1.5. You can make it very colorful


1.2.1. Refresh every two seconds.

1.2.2. It can be hard to get the hang of it if you are using it for the first time.

1.2.3. You can only add pictures in a paid version, one picture on trial.

2. Why should we use mindmeister? Benefits for students!

2.1. Group collaborations!

2.1.1. Everyone can put an input/idea

2.2. Super easy to use and anyone can

2.3. Its a great way to organize your ideas

3. How to can we get it started?

3.1. search https://www.mindmeister.com/

3.2. Make an account

3.2.1. Valid Email Address

3.2.2. Memorable password

3.3. Choose a way to organize

3.3.1. Themes and templates

3.3.2. Pick a topic, and start working!

4. What makes a good presentation?

4.1. Creativity and originality

4.2. Getting your audience involved, by asking questions

4.3. Not reading right off a paper/presentation

4.4. Make sure you fully know what you are taking about

4.5. Steady and confident voice

5. What is Mindmeister?

5.1. Mindmeister is a collaborative document in which you can create and share mind maps that you create using this site.

6. Commercial-https://www.powtoon.com/my-powtoons/#/