What Makes Me Unique

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What Makes Me Unique by Mind Map: What Makes Me Unique

1. Interests

1.1. Singing

1.1.1. Rap

1.1.2. Hip Hop

1.1.3. Pop

1.2. Dancing

1.3. Cooking

1.3.1. Italian

1.3.2. Chinese

1.4. Watching Television

1.4.1. TV Shows Empire Walking Dead American Horror Story

1.4.2. Movies Suicide Squad The Purge: Election Year

1.5. Relaxing With Friends

1.5.1. Activites Beach Movies Parties Dinner

2. Personality Spectrum

2.1. Higher

2.1.1. Adventurer (Highest) Trying Something New New Learning Experience

2.1.2. Giver

2.2. Lower

2.2.1. Organizer

2.2.2. Thinker

3. Building Excellence

3.1. Sociological Prefrences

3.1.1. Moderate In Favor Of Morning Work

3.1.2. Strong In Favor Against Work In Evening In Favor Of Less Food Intake Less Mobility Morning Work

3.2. Physiological Prefrences

3.2.1. Strong In Favor Of Pair (While Working) Small Group (While Working) More Authority In Favor Agaisnt Large Group

4. How I Study Best

4.1. Time Of Day

4.1.1. Morning Early Late

4.2. Alone

4.2.1. Very Quiet

4.2.2. No Distraction

4.3. Speaking Aloud To Self

4.3.1. Helps Understand Without Help

4.4. Informal Sitting

4.4.1. (Comfort factor) Bed Couch Hammock

5. Teaching Styles

5.1. Styles I Learn From

5.1.1. Strong Hands-On Visual Topics That Are Debatable Relatable Personal Exemplified Pair Work

5.2. Styles I Don't Learn From

5.2.1. Strong Book-Centered Fixed (Non-Changing)

5.2.2. Moderate Lecture Grouped Work

6. O-Net Next Move

6.1. Top Three

6.1.1. Enterprising (Highest) Careers of Interest Fashion Designer Sales Agent

6.1.2. Artistic Careers of Interest (Wildest Dreams) Actor Singer Model

6.1.3. Investigative Careers of Interest (Most Likely) Lawyer Psychologist

7. Emotional Intelligence

7.1. Results

7.1.1. High EQ Improvement Areas Needs to Reflect On Life Doesn't take Criticism well Good Areas Deals With Emotions Effectively Emotions Lead to Action

8. Successful Intelligence

8.1. Higher

8.1.1. Analytical

8.2. Intermediate

8.2.1. Practical

8.3. Lower

8.3.1. Creative

9. Multiple Intelligences

9.1. Highly-Developed

9.1.1. Musical

9.1.2. Intrapersonal

9.2. Moderately-Developed

9.2.1. Bodily-Kinesthetic

9.2.2. Verbal-Linguistic

9.2.3. Logical-Mathematical

9.2.4. Interpersonal

9.3. Under-Developed

9.3.1. Visual-Spatial

9.3.2. Naturalistic