Being an English Teacher

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Being an English Teacher by Mind Map: Being an English Teacher

1. Leading Discussions

1.1. Know the material well

1.2. Bring in outside material.

1.3. Know what you want to discuss

1.4. Ask interpretive questions

1.5. Ask specific questions

1.6. Challenge your students' ideas, and encourage them to do the same

2. Knowing Your Material

2.1. Read regularly

2.2. Expand your vocabulary

2.3. Practice your handwriting

2.4. Develop your English language skills

3. Developing Your Skills in the Classroom

3.1. Become comfortable speaking in front of your class

3.2. Encourage your students

3.3. Be available outside of class.

3.4. Be strict but fair

3.5. Make sure your students understand what you teach

4. Developing Lesson Plans

4.1. Choose material that will interest your students.

4.2. Assign reasonable amounts of homework.

4.3. Give homework assignments that help students understand the material

4.4. Focus on the big-picture understanding.

4.5. Order your lessons to make them cohesive.