Factors that helped England's Colonies Prosper

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Factors that helped England's Colonies Prosper by Mind Map: Factors that helped England's Colonies Prosper

1. Materials/Resources

1.1. Indigenous resources made life easier for colonies

1.2. Self-sufficient and did not need to rely on England

1.3. Cash crops such as tobacco (and later, cotton) provided huge profits for the colonies and for England

2. Economic system of Mercantilism is created

2.1. English parliament passes Navigation Acts. They are beneficial only to England.

2.1.1. Only British ships could transport goods between other countries and the colonies.

2.1.2. The crews of colonial ships had to be of British descent or colonial descent.

2.1.3. The crops that produced the most profit (furs, sugar and especially tobacco) could only be exported from the colonies to England. This is an obvious advantage to England, as iT guarantees that 100% of the profit goes to them.

2.1.4. Goods traded between colonies and other European countries had to pass through an english port first.

2.2. The shipbuilding industry in the colonies flourishes due to the increased profit. Consequently, other industries in the colonies flourish as well.

2.3. The colonies become wealthy, and the need for governance is apparent. A governor is the highest authority in a colony, but the members of the colonial assembly determined the governors salary. This led to governance independent from Britain.

3. Achieving self-sufficiency

3.1. The colonies begin to profit and prosper thanks to booming shipbuilding industries due to the favourable balance of trade with England.

3.2. The colonial governments are mostly independent from Britain. The governors are not paid by the crown but by their constituents.

3.3. The colonial government makes money from taxing the citizens of the colonies, increasing the colonies' independence.

3.4. The people of the colonies begin to desire breaking away from Britain, and becoming completely sovereign. The colonies desire more independence from Britain (for greater economic growth and political freedom).