American Entrepreneurs

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American Entrepreneurs by Mind Map: American Entrepreneurs

1. Bill Gates: Gates was raised in an upper-middle class family and received a good education. His mother had connections to several large companies, including IBM. This influenced his success in the software industry by providing the resources for success. He secured the required finances by working & using some of his preexisting wealth. The results were somewhat dependent on his personality because his "competitive spirit" likely influenced the outcome of his business venture.

2. Lionel Sosa: Sosa's Hispanic heritage most likely contributed to his ability to appeal to Hispanic voters & consumers. There is no source that provides an explanation as to how he financed the creation of his Advertisement Agency, or provides enough information to distinguish his personalities connection to his success. His education and its connection to his success, is also unclear.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Her socioeconomic background affected her personality, which affected her likability as a talk show hostess and influenced the success of her TV shows. Her focus on oration and communication in her education likely contributed to her success as a TV personality. She had recieved the financing from the network she was working for at the time of "A.M. Chicago".

4. Sam Walton: Coming from a middle class family living in a rural area probably provided insight which led to the success of his discount chain. Receiving an average education with a degree in economics, and being "an able student" likely contributed to Walton's success. He secured the financing for his first Walmart store from his own work at other retailers. The results were kind of dependent on Walton's personality because he "wasn’t afraid to change course or reshuffle his personnel if he didn’t like the numbers that came back to him. "

5. Estee Lauder: Born to a family of Jewish Immigrants, and spending most of her childhood trying to make ends meet, Estee Lauder's background influenced her ability to sell products. She secured financing to start her company from the products she had already been selling for years. Her unofficial education in cosmetics from her uncle contributed to her ability to make the products. The results can be considered to have depended on her "intense drive and ambition".

6. Robert L. Johnson: It is unclear how Johnson's socioeconomic background, as well as his education, effected his success, as his masters was in international affairs and doesn't appear to relate to the BET network. Johnson acquired the funding to create the network by taking out a 15,000 Dollar loan and receiving a 500,000 Dollar investment from John Malone. The results were dependent on his personality because of the determination he showed.

7. Self Financed & Contributed to American Market

8. Received Financing & Contributed to American Media