Functions of Management

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Functions of Management by Mind Map: Functions of Management

1. Organizing (Deciding the who, what, and where on decisions, tasks, and roles)

1.1. Agreements must be made.

1.2. Tasks and roles must be assigned to each employee.

1.3. Information must be stored and accessible to ensure order.

2. Leading (Inspiring and motivating workers to work hard and achieve organizational goals)

2.1. Treat employees  like people, not just a number.

2.2. Communication is key.

2.3. Set goals and make them attainable.

3. Controlling (Monitoring progress towards goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed)

3.1. Set goals and monitor progress towards goal achievement.

3.2. Make changes needed to help meet standards and goals.

3.3. Helps employees develop accountability and discipline.

4. Planning ( Determining  organizational goals and means for achieving them)

4.1. Improves performance.

4.2. Encourages hard work and goal accomplishments.

4.3. Larger profit and faster growth potential.