Ashley's Health and Wellness Map

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Ashley's Health and Wellness Map by Mind Map: Ashley's Health and Wellness Map

1. To sum it all up: All of the eight components are intertwined when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. For instance, Financial Wellness and Occupational Wellness are similar in that they both have to do with being happy in the workplace. Keeping balance in each of the eight components of wellness will allow me to be successful in my profession.

2. Financial Wellness - Having an average annual income will allow me to live comfortably and  reduce stress when it comes to paying bills.

3. Occupational Wellness - Having an interest in the profession I am pursuing will help me to have a rewarding and fulfilling career. e.g. going to work with a positive attitude.

4. Social Wellness - Having positive relationships outside of work will help my communication skills at work. e.g. positive communication with offenders.

5. Physical Wellness: Staying physically active and in shape will help me when having to deal physical violence in the work place. e.g. having to use self defence.

6. Emotional Wellness: Maintaining healthy emotional wellness will help in my career by helping others deal with their emotions, and helping me cope with the everyday stresses that comes with being a correctional officer. e.g. suicide prevention, positive thoughts

7. Intellectual Wellness: Within my career, I will constantly be learning new things, which will help with my Intellectual Wellness. e.g. Training, writing reports.

8. Spiritual Wellness: Having a good balance between work and my personal life will help in the corrections field. e.g.. yoga, meditation.

9. Environmental Wellness - Having a clean and safe environment at home or work can create a sense of comfort and security. e.g. clean air, clean living conditions in a correctional centre.