P24 Sales Ops

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P24 Sales Ops by Mind Map: P24 Sales Ops

1. ROT

1.1. Postpaid

1.1.1. Am to note account on BASE and log task to CRM for review Refer ROT Recovery Process (Retain, Maintain,Upsell)

2. Sales Order


2.1.1. Refer to CRM Deal Creation and Management Process AM to uppload  document in base tag as "qualified sales" Upon receipt of payment, AM to save deposit slip to base and tag as "booked sale"

2.2. AM/AE to receive signed IAF. AM/AE to ensure all FIELDS ARE COMPLETE. Incomplete IAF, Sales Ops to decline in BASE approval.

3. Executive Review

3.1. Subscription

3.1.1. CRM to generate renewal sent to Ad Ops, Content and Social Media Team

3.2. Banner Ads Subscription

3.2.1. Ad Ops to send delivery reports of banners to CRM

3.2.2. Content Team to send created newsletter to CRM CRM to consolidate reports and send to AMs

3.2.3. Social Media team to send stats to CRM

4. Deal CREATION and Management Process

4.1. AM to check all necessary documents are presented ( For Brokers: PRC, HLURB) (For Agency: SEC/DTI, BIR2303)

4.1.1. If client already in BASE, convert to deal

4.1.2. If client not yet in base, AM to CREATE CONTACT first before converting to DEAL AM: Fill out deal name (refer to standard codes) AM: Fill out following information (Source, deal type, AIF date, package, size, term:numeric only, TIN) Click save.

4.2. ROT Deal Termination

4.2.1. CRM tag Stage: Terminated, Status: Deactivated, ROT date: Date of Termination. ROT Reason: Choose from drop down

4.3. IO   (1IO=1AIF: Deal Based)

4.3.1. Sales Ops to funnel services to designated  POC for fulfillment Designated POC to create JIRA ticket for updates and progress CRM to Monitor TAT and delivery

4.4. UPGRADE Sales

4.4.1. CRM to tag stage to UPGRADE Upon UPGRADING stage, CRM to use the old DEAL. Reference original control number of the previous Deal.


4.5.1. CRM to tag stage to DOWNGRADE

5. AR Process

5.1. <30D: Sales

5.2. 31-90D: CRM

5.2.1. Refer to CRM Collection Process

5.3. 91-179D: Finance

5.4. 180 and up: Collections

6. Sales Verification Process (Manager Tool Creation)

6.1. Check IAF Complete details ((In Client Info: Broker/Agency Name, SEC/DTI/PRC, TIN, Business Address/Email)

6.1.1. Sales OPs to create MT and fill out Agency ID in BASE and IAF

7. ROT Recovery Process

7.1. Provide Recovery Actions

7.1.1. If Retained forward to acct owner(create process) downgrade With balance Without balance Continue upgrade With Balance Without Balance

7.1.2. If not retained Refer to CRM to initiate deal deactivation and approval process FIN to update revenue report

8. Deal DEACTIVATION and approval process

8.1. CRM to creat Task to tag Sales Manager for Approval

8.1.1. Once approved, CRM to tag deal to TERMINATED. Refer to Deal Process CRM to tag client for ROT, Action notes regarding the reason for ROT

9. CRM Collection Process

9.1. Called clients to be tracked.

9.1.1. If Ok to collect For Pick up Collect accounts on a weekly basis Finance  to refer to Collection Schedule per account via Google Sheet For deposit If deposit slip received forward to finance and copy account owner If no deposit slip within 2 days - call for follow up

10. Sales Verification Process (WON)

10.1. Sales Ops to verify completeness of documents and fields in BASE

10.1.1. Sales Ops to tag Stage from booked sale to won and fill out verification date, expiry date and payment method. Click checkbox for initial payment.

10.1.2. Include the PRC Numbers verification against PRC website for authenticity

10.2. Sales Ops to QA and if incomplete, decline, call AM/AE attention for completion

10.2.1. For strict compliance of QA by Sales Ops in all qualified sales.

11. Account Managemement

11.1. AM/AE to assist contact after Closed Won ensure contact will use service such as listing etc. in withiin 1 month. Train etc.

11.1.1. CRM to audit within the month MT usage. This is to check authenticity managing the account and usage of MT.

11.2. CRM to handle specific # of existing accounts of AMs/AEs after 1 month from Closed Won. For continuity of service and fulfillment.

11.2.1. CRM to manage existing accounts every morning at least 2 hrs depending on the # of accounts assigned Existing accts 30 days after Closed Won. AMs/AEs are still the account owner for repeat sales and upgrades CRM to refer to Tableau for accounts to be assisted and called out. CRM to tap accounts without usage of the platform for service delivery and fulfillment

11.2.2. CRM to do call outs for revival accounts & ROT accounts at least 2hrs in the morning depending on the # of accounts Revival accounts that has not bought any service for the past 6 months

11.2.3. CRM to do call outs for AR accounts at least 2hrs in the afternoon depending on the # of accounts AR accounts or accts with 31-90 days past due collection

12. Leads Generation

12.1. Support Specialist acquires new leads and farms out to Sales

12.1.1. Support Spec gets leads from: 1. Web Inquiry (P24 website) 2. Site Creator (P24 website) 3. Direct Email (Referral)        4. Inbound Call                     5. Other wesbites (Lamudi etc) Support Spec compiles new leads in 1 tracking file daily including existing leads inquiry Support Spec forward existing inquiry checked from BASE to Sales team Support Spec call new leads and use Call Spiel and start profiling if inquiry is Broker, Agency & Developer as well as Home Owner & Agents Support Spec sends email after the call using Email Spiel Support Spec updates leads tracker in Google Sheet