Computer System

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Computer System by Mind Map: Computer System

1. Data Representation

1.1. Computer recognizes only two discrete electrical state

1.2. Definition of Bit

1.3. Definition of Byte

2. Storage Capacity

2.1. Conversion unit of storage capacity

2.1.1. Definition - The number of Byte medium can hold

3. NUmber System and Representation

3.1. Definition - A set of numerals for reprentation number

3.2. Number System

3.2.1. Binary Number

3.2.2. Hexadecimal Number

3.2.3. Decimal Number 10

4. Information Coding Scheme

4.1. ASCII



5. Motherboard and Processor

5.1. Motherboard

5.1.1. Adapter card slot

5.1.2. Processor slot

5.1.3. Memory Slot

5.2. Processor

5.2.1. Control Unit

5.2.2. Arithmetic Logic UInit (ALU)

5.2.3. Machine Cycle Fetch-Decode-ALU-Store

6. Boolean Expression

6.1. Typr of gates AND,OR,NOT

7. Memory and Storage

7.1. Memory

7.1.1. Volatile data is temporary - data lost when the power turn off

7.1.2. Nonvolatile data is permenant and cant modiefied

7.2. Storage

7.2.1. Definition - Hold data instructions and information for future use

7.2.2. Type Of Starage Magnetic Storage , Optical Storage , Flash Memory

8. Adapter Card

8.1. Definition - enhance function of component of the system unit

8.2. Type of Adapter Card

8.2.1. MIDI , Modem , USB

9. Software

9.1. Type of Software

9.1.1. System Software Uti.litty Program Definition is the type of System software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks type of utility

9.1.2. Operating System Definition a set of programs containing instrustions that works together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources function start and shut down computer provide UI manage programs manage memory Coordinate tasics configure devices monitor perfomance provide utilities auto update control a network administer security type stand-alone server embedded/ mobile

9.1.3. Application Software type Open source software Proprietary software function Web browser Word Processing Spreadsheet Presentation Database