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Marriage by Mind Map: Marriage

1. Too much pressure to be perfect while married.

1.1. Why should people get married if there's no room to make mistakes without arguments and consequences?

2. Why be stuck with one person for the rest of your life when you could be free and have no worries?

3. Is marriage slowly dying out to where people do not want to get married; have interest in getting married?

4. Once married, people think they are missing out.

5. Why

5.1. People get married too early

5.1.1. People get caught up in the "happily ever after" idea, instead of actually looking for someone they truly love.

5.2. Stress in the marriage

5.2.1. Money is spent instead of saved.

5.3. Unfaithfulness

6. Counterargument

6.1. Gay marriage now legalized

6.1.1. more marriage because of the new law passed.

6.2. Less male and female couples and more same-sex couples.

6.3. More people are getting married because of money related issues.

6.3.1. People think if they are married there is more money involved and no one will have to struggle or suffer.

7. Don't have to be married to be happy

7.1. Can still raise a family without the legal documents

7.1.1. Save the gray hairs and don't sign the document. You can still have kids.

8. Expense

8.1. Everybody wants more, more, more $$$

8.1.1. It seems that the more important issue is the wedding and how much money goes into it. Why spends thousands of dollars when a simple ceremony is just as special as one that costs a fortune?

8.1.2. Are people marrying because of love or money? People want to live comfortably with someone else who has lots of dough instead of marrying them because they actually love them.

8.2. Marriage is such a huge responsibility and no one wants all that weight on their shoulders.

9. Interest