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media by Mind Map: media

1. should we let are kids watch?

1.1. influences them -

1.2. makes them hate their body

1.3. the models on tv are beautiful, I wish I looked like her

2. stereotypes

2.1. are based on truth, but not 100%

2.1.1. it's human instinct to assume looks with actions and paint pictures with the whole of the people

2.1.2. as animals we could of died if we didn't do this

3. body shaming

3.1. what happens when your child sees lies everyday?

3.2. what actions should parents take to protect their children?

4. news

4.1. why is the news always focused on death?

4.1.1. makes the world more bleak and pointless

4.1.2. never postive

4.1.3. dangerous things are important to know, but you cant live while thinking about death

5. electrons

5.1. liberals are looking insane

5.1.1. they have a cannabis smoking, senile old man, a liar, and a sex fiend as their leaders.

5.1.2. their evil people who will lie and cheat to keep african Americans under their fingers.

5.2. "Donald trump looks like a joke"

5.2.1. liberal agenda