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Mobile Local Fusion Master Mind Group in Facebook To Brainstorm and Formulate Successful Solutions for Google Places Listings and Local Business Marketing

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Google Local by Mind Map: Google Local

1. Local Business Marketing

1.1. What Others Are Doing?

1.1.1. Consultancy San Diego Local Business Marketing Consultant Online Marketing Consultants Google Places for Local Business Listings is now vital Vancouver Website Design – Web Design and SEO Services Get Your Business Noticed With A Guaranteed “A” Listing In Google Places Internet Marketing Niagara Falls Get your business on the front page of the major search engines in your community

2. Google Location-Based Services through Google Places

3. Thinking Notes

3.1. BrainStorming for Great Ideas

3.1.1. How To Identify The Best Markets To Focus On? Who Would Need The Most Advertising? Current Heavy Users Potent Users To Explore BrainStorming Niches All Kind of Emergencies Contact No not keep in tel book Travelling New node Shopping Directions Medical Relocation How To House How To Leverage QR Code for Local Internet Marketing Business Who Really Desperately Needs Google Places Listings? Who Would Really Get More Customers With Google Places Listings?

3.1.2. Marketing Funnel Advertising Exposure

4. Setting Up Your Mobile Local Fusion Business

4.1. Business Models

4.1.1. Listing of Existing Business Models Countries Malaysia

5. Marketing Taglines

5.1. What Business?

5.1.1. Start your own local marketing agency utilizing the power of Google and adding mobile to the mix.

5.2. One out of five searches on Google are related to location, and we want to make sure that businesses are able to be found and put their best foot forward. We’re excited to announce Google Places today, as it’s just the beginning of what’s to come from our efforts to make Google more local.

5.3. Google Location-Based Services through Google Places

5.4. Mobile Local Fusion is a course published by Ryan Deiss with Laura Betterly--Find out how to get your local business to the top of Google Local--utilize mobile technology and new technology

6. New node

7. Resources

7.1. Mobile Local Fusion Official Site

7.1.1. Mobile Local Fusion

7.2. Mobile Marketing Resources

7.2.1. Current Updates BizReport: How mobile will change everything in 2011 Walgreens Embraces Mobile as Key to Multichannel Success When Walgreens is know it's going mainstream. Google Places Listing: How To Get 100% Complete for Your Entry Mobile Internet-The Future of The Internet: Get Surprising Insight Into 10 Mobile Trends for 2011 from Advertising Age How a smartphone application can supercharge your business Google Search Now Full of Fictitious Scammer Places Mobilizing for 2011 with a Mobile Marketing Strategy

7.2.2. QR Code What is a QR code and what does it do? Developed and widely used in Japan, QR stands for Quick Response and is a two-dimensional barcode. A standard barcode can only hold so many characters and the QR code is capable of holding much more information. For example a QR code can hold a web address and/or contact information, therefore making it easier to access information. How to read a QR code? To decipher a QR code you need a web-enabled camera phone to capture the image and then decode it, eg an iPhone or NextG phone. Watch Simple Video If you're a small business that has a twitter account, make a QR code to hang on the entrance of your business that directs the person to your twitter account so they can automatically follow you with out having to log in on their own. Use QR-Code for a FB Follow Me barcode on your business card. Barcode Hero - Scan barcodes on your phone and have more fun shopping HOW TO: Create Custom QR Codes for Your Digital Life JumpScan lets users create customized QR codes that combine all your contact information, including social media profiles, for on-the-go sharing. 9 Golden “Rules of Engagement” For Advertisers Using QR Codes This blog has some really good tips on use of QR codes and is really up-to-date on mainstream use of QR codes. Also, did you know their are codes that are made by other companies that look like QR codes that can't be read by a regular QR scanner...including the ones created by Microsoft??? QR Code News Press What’s This Buzz About a QR Code?

7.2.3. WordPress Resources WP Plugin for Mobile Plugin Buddy Mobile WP Touch DotMobi iWorld

7.2.4. Mobile Web Site Builder Mobile Site Galore MoFuse Duda Mobile Click. Create. Mobile. Turning websites into mobile sites.

7.3. Mobile Local Fusion in Facebook

7.3.1. Mobile Local Fusion Facebook Page

7.3.2. Mobile Local Fusion Master Mind Groups Mobile Local Fusion Master Mind Group 2

8. What Business?

8.1. Start your own local marketing agency utilizing the power of Google and adding mobile to the mix.

9. Location-Based Social Networks

9.1. Networks

9.1.1. Yelp

9.1.2. Gowalla

9.1.3. FourSquare

9.1.4. Facebook Places Top 5 Benefits To Marketing with Facebook Places

9.2. Resources

9.2.1. How to Use Location-Based Social Networks for Your Business

9.2.2. Mobile Marketing Comes to the Mainstream | Facebook Places

10. New node