Tourism Industry

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Tourism Industry by Mind Map: Tourism Industry

1. Natural Resources Used

1.1. Food & Drinking Water

1.2. Lodging (Land)

1.3. Sanitation

1.4. Electricity

1.5. Environment

1.5.1. climate

1.5.2. landscapes

1.5.3. ecosystems

2. Effects on Environment

2.1. Depletion of natural resources

2.1.1. overuse of water swimming pool hotel excessive use golf courses

2.1.2. exploitation of local resources Energy Food Raw materials

2.2. Land degradation

2.2.1. Deforestation for tourism facility construction / infrastructure development

2.2.2. Land clearing- for jungle trekking

2.2.3. Diminish of scenic landscapes

2.2.4. Soil infertility and soil erosion

2.3. Pollution

2.3.1. Noise

2.3.2. Solid waste littering oxygen cylinders after diving garbages camp utensils

2.3.3. Water & Sewage (Let out to seas and lakes)

2.3.4. Visual/Aesthetic pollution

2.3.5. Air Transportation e.g. airplane, buses cars let out excess CO2

2.3.6. Chemical pollution

3. Effects on Biodiversity

3.1. Loss of biological diversity as mass extinction occurs

3.2. Habitat destruction

3.2.1. Due to habitat removal

3.2.2. and habitat alteration

3.3. Population of flora & fauna decreases

3.4. Threats to exotic species

3.5. Unfavorable environment for flora & fauna to thrive

4. Social Impact

4.1. Social illness

4.1.1. Child labor increases more school drop-outs poor schooling performance

4.1.2. Generate crime areas robbing from tourist pick pockets rampant distribution of drugs

4.1.3. Different social behaviour Rampant distribution of drugs Gambling and alcoholics increase affects local people safety prostitution & sex tourism may occur for easy money

4.2. Cultural

4.2.1. Local culture becomes commodities

4.2.2. Reconstructed ethnicity

4.2.3. Standardization occurs more foreign facility/stores McDonals Modern buildings

4.2.4. Loss of culture Staged authenticity /loss of authenticity occurs

4.3. Change of local behaviour

4.3.1. influenced by tourist lifestyle /behaviour

5. Economic Impact

5.1. Positive

5.1.1. Earnings from foreign exchange

5.1.2. Foreign money contributes to government revenues Goods and services sold Taxed charged

5.1.3. Job opportunity for the locals

5.1.4. Government have incentive to improve infrastructure faster internet cables Build roads / improve roads Extend train stations & other transportation facilities

5.1.5. Contributes to local businesses Handcrafted souvenirs Local delicacies sold by local Gives income to locals

5.2. Negative

5.2.1. Enclave tourism occurs Income leakage tourist activities are planned and congregated in one small geographic area Locals do not profit much

5.2.2. Infrastructure are costly Government and taxpayers money goes to infrastructure improvements to mainly tourist areas

5.2.3. Price for basic needs increases for locals as well

5.2.4. Seasonal jobs Jobs available during tourist peak visitation only Non-steady income