Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders by Mind Map: Eating Disorders

1. anorexia

1.1. the causes of it

1.2. how does there mind think

1.3. what are the affects of this problem?

1.3.1. emotional how does it effect the people around them? Friends Family

1.3.2. physical

1.3.3. phsycological how does it affect your mental health?

1.3.4. health what happens to your body during and after?

1.4. How can we prevent this from happening?

1.4.1. stop showing girls what they should look like and stop holding them up to body perfection

2. Bulimia

2.1. What are the signs of bulimia?

2.2. is it a disease or disorder?

2.3. what causes it to happen?

2.4. what is binging?

2.4.1. what are some ways we can help a person to stop doing this?

2.5. what are the affects that this problem does to your body?

2.5.1. Physical affects?

2.5.2. emotional affects?

2.5.3. Psychological affects?

2.5.4. the health affects on there body? how long is the recovery?

2.6. how does this affect that persons confidence?

2.6.1. the way they look at there selves?

2.6.2. the way the feel about there selves?

3. What are some ways that we can change this problem and stop it from happening?

3.1. What has influenced them to do this to their body?

3.2. How do we change the way they look at themselves?

3.3. how does society play a role in this?

3.3.1. what do people around them make them feel like?

3.3.2. t.v. shows that make girls feel like they arent pretty enough or good enough?

3.3.3. guys who post things on social media saying that this is what a girl needs to look like for them to like them is only making a girl wantt to change who she is even more.

3.4. We can stop trying to put body images in front of girls and stop making them feel like that´s how they should look.