Chapter 4- Image

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Chapter 4- Image by Mind Map: Chapter 4- Image

1. images are generated in two ways:

2. Vector-drawn images Computer-aided design (CAD) programs needed by architects and engineers

3. Bitmaps A bitmap is a simple matrix of the tiny dots that form an image and are displayed on a screen or printed.

4. Vector-drawn graphics Applications of vector-drawn object How vector-drawn images work Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

5. 3-D drawing and rendering Rendering - Use of intricate algorithms to apply user-specified effects Takes many hours for a single image

6. Understanding natural light and color Light comes from an atom where an electron passes from a higher to a lower energy level.

7. Additive color Subtractive color Color models

8. Color palettes

9. Palettes are mathematical tables that define the color of pixels displayed on the screen.

10. Dithering

11. Dithering is a process whereby the color value  of each pixel is changed to the closest matching color value in the target palette.

12. Image File Types Used  in Multimedia Macintosh formats Windows formats Cross-platform formats

13. Making Still Images Capturing and editing images: Capturing and storing images directly from  the screen is another way to assemble images  for multimedia. Users can scan images from conventional sources and make necessary alterations and manipulations.