Staffing Strategy-Ilume/Ilume Park

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Staffing Strategy-Ilume/Ilume Park by Mind Map: Staffing Strategy-Ilume/Ilume Park

1. Career Fair @ Holiday Inn DMC

1.1. Career Fair for all positions

1.1.1. August 16th from 9am - 6:30pm @ Holiday Inn Dallas Market Center - Conference Room How big is the conference room?

1.2. Boost Career Fair by reaching out to comps (bring gifts), normal ads, local HVAC schools/colleges and social media

1.2.1. Managers need to get involved with spreading the word on their social media sites Crystal Sanchez's IG post - share it :) Have employees that are on social media share and post Can share posts from Facebook/Twitter/IG Venterra pages

1.2.2. Will reach out to UNT since they have a property management program

1.3. Create a blog about how we are hiring in Dallas and to respond directly to Recruiting

1.3.1. Add in the blog how important it is to participate in the Dallas Career Fair

1.4. Reach out to partnered agencies about the Career Fair (Liberty Group/BG Staffing/Sterling

1.4.1. May offer a deal for their candidates

2. Ongoing Recruiting

2.1. After Career Fair, Recruiting will open ads for positions we still need candidates

2.2. Post "Now Hiring" banner at Zang

2.2.1. For walk-ins, Zang should inform them about the Dallas openings and direct them to Recruiting

2.3. Post "Now Hiring" message on stand in Zang's leasing office

2.3.1. Zang should inform the interested ones about the Dallas openings and direct them to Recruiting

2.4. CallMax messages to all DFW communities

2.4.1. You never know who knows someone that would be interested in working in Dallas

2.4.2. Create messages on their online rent due reminders - for all DFW communities You never know who knows someone that would be interested in working in Dallas

2.5. Repost Hiring in Dallas blog on a weekly basis on Careers Site

2.5.1. Send the message out to Talent Pool & Vendors on a weekly basis

2.6. Get with partnered agencies to see what great temps they have - also to use if we need temps after closing

2.6.1. Recruiting will use Scout - agency tied to our applicant tracking system

3. Internal Recruiting

3.1. Send internal email about Dallas openings

3.1.1. Give deadline to respond to RMs if interested

3.1.2. Resend email after a couple of weeks

3.1.3. Perhaps give option to do position for 6 months instead of permanent transfer

3.1.4. Create video about it-make it more attractive

3.2. Weekly Community Huddles

3.2.1. CMs of DFW should ask employees "who do they know" for Ilume/Ilume Park

3.2.2. Ask every week-provide an update of what positions are still open Recruiting can remind CMs about this-when are huddles done?  Mondays?

3.3. Post messages on Yammer

3.3.1. Repeat messages every week

3.4. Post now hiring messages on Venterra's social media sites

3.4.1. Send an email out to DFW team with links to these messages, so all can share to their SM's friends/followers

3.5. Remind RMMs on weekly Friday call

3.5.1. Ask them to reach out to their top Vendors and friends that are in the business for referrals

4. Organizing Process

4.1. Create Excel spreadsheet on OneDrive

4.1.1. All Hiring Managers of Ilume/Ilume Park will have access

4.1.2. Spreadsheet to keep track of submitted candidates/interview activity/top candidates/etc. Very important that all HMs are active on this spreadsheet; best way to keep communication in line We did this in Florida last year and it worked very well

4.2. If we find someone very early (not close to closing date), hire and train them until closing

4.2.1. This is beneficial to get the new candidate up to Venterra standards while filling a position at Ilume/Ilume Park

4.2.2. This might not be possible until we are 100% on buying the properties

4.3. Offer Sign-On Bonuses for most challenging positions

4.3.1. Include in advertisement the amount of the bonus as well