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Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 4

1. Before you start to create

1.1. Plan your approach

1.2. Organize the available tools

1.3. Configure computer workspace

2. Making still images

2.1. most important element of a multimedia project

2.2. generated in two ways:

2.2.1. Bitmaps (raster)

2.2.2. Vector-drawn graphics

2.3. Bitmaps editors called painting program

2.4. Vector editor called drawing program

3. Bitmap sorces

3.1. capture a bitmap using camera

3.2. print screen

3.3. download from an image from website

4. Vector-drawn graphics

4.1. applications of vector-drawn object

4.2. how vector-drawn images work

4.3. vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

5. Vector-drawn images are used in the following areas:

5.1. Computer-aided design (CAD)

5.2. graphic artists designing for print media

5.3. 3-D animation programs

5.4. application requiring drawing of graphic shapes

6. How vector-drawn images work

6.1. a line that describe by the location of its two endpoints

6.2. vector drawing makes use of Cartesian coordinates

6.3. describe a point in two-or three-dimensional space as the intersection of the X, Y, and Z axes

7. 3-D drawing

7.1. 3-D animation tools

7.2. features of a 3-D application

7.2.1. Modeling

7.2.2. Extrusion

7.2.3. Lathing

7.3. Panoramas

8. Understanding natural light & color

8.1. Additive color

8.1.1. color is created by combining colored light sources in three primary colors red, green, blue (RCB)

8.2. Subtractive color

8.2.1. color is created by combining colored media

8.2.2. such as paints or ink

8.2.3. three primary colors cyan, magenta,yellow

8.3. Color models

8.3.1. used specify color in computer terms RGB model HSB & HSL models Other model include CMYK, CIE, YIQ, YUV & YCC

9. Color palettes

9.1. allow you change color

9.2. most common palettes are 1-,4-,8-,16- and24-bits deep

10. Image file types used in mutimedia

10.1. Macintosh formats

10.1.1. most commonly used format is PICT

10.1.2. PICT is a complicated & versatile format developed by Apple

10.2. Windows formats

10.2.1. most commonly used image file format is DIB, also known as BMP

10.2.2. Bitmap formats used most often by Windows developers are: BMP TIFF PCX

10.3. Cross-platform formats

10.3.1. JPEG, GIF & PNG most commonly used format on web

10.3.2. PDF manages multimedia content

10.3.3. PSD, AI, CDR, DXF proprietary formats used by applications

10.3.4. IGS/ IGES standard for transferring CAD drawings

11. Rendering

11.1. use of intricate algorithms to apply user-specified effects

12. Dithering

12.1. process whereby the color value of ech pixel is changed to closet matching color value

12.2. done using mathematical algorithm