Chapter 4 : Images

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Chapter 4 : Images by Mind Map: Chapter 4 : Images

1. Making still images

1.1. Bitmaps

1.1.1. Painting program

1.1.2. have varying bit and color depths

1.1.3. Sources Capturing a  bitmap using a camera Using scanner to digitize the image Printscreen Download image from website

1.2. Vector

1.2.1. Drawing program

1.2.2. Applications Computer-aided design ( CAD ) graphic artists designing for the print media 3D animation programs Modelling - placing all elements into 3D space Extrusion - the shape of a plane surface extends some distance Lathing - a profile of the shape is rotated around a defined axis

2. Legal rights to protect images

2.1. Public domain : Image never protected by copyright or copyright has ended

2.2. Royalty-free : images are purchased and then used without paying addition license fees

2.3. Right-managed : negotiate with right holder to use the images as well as the cost for that use

3. Image editing programs

3.1. enhance and make composite images

3.2. alter and distort images

3.3. add and delete elements

3.4. morph

4. Vector Vs Bitmaps

4.1. Vector images < memory space and file size compare to bitmaps

4.2. vector download and draw animation faster than bitmaps

4.3. vector easily scalable without loss image quality

4.4. vector resize image without loess image quality while bitmap require either duplicating pixels

4.5. vector cant be used for photorealistic

4.6. vector require plug-in for web based display

5. Colors and palettes

5.1. Addictive color

5.1.1. Red, Green, and Blue (RGB)

5.2. Subtractive color

5.2.1. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (CMY)

5.3. color models