Educationally Useful Apps

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Educationally Useful Apps by Mind Map: Educationally Useful Apps

1. Reference/Citation Tools

1.1. EasyBib: a citation generator that includes MLA, APA, and others. Very student friendly and easy to use. Easy is literally in its name.          

1.2. Dictionary/ Thesaurus: I'm an English teacher, this will be used. And it is exactly what it sounds like. A dictionary and a thesaurus.

1.3. Google Translate: This is a great tool for foreign text. Students can find look at foreign texts with confidence in relation to dialect.

2. Research Tools

2.1. Itune U: A well stock pool of lectures that span any and all content areas. A great tool for research and background.

2.2. ArticleSearch: An app that allows you to search through a ridiculous amount of articles over an array of content areas.          

2.3. Wikipedia: Yes, yes, yes, I know that we do NOT let studens use this on formal papers but I do think it is a great start for students to look at information in an introductory way.

3. Document Storage

3.1. Google Drive: A tool that we use on a daily basis. Allows access to collaborative documents.                       

3.2. Dropbox: This is all that dropbox is about, to hold and house documents that can be used when needed.       

3.3. Onedrive: Another option for document storage, this one brought to you by Microsoft, so it merges well with Office.      

4. Educational Hubs

4.1. Gaggle: students can receive and turn in assignments, participate in discussion boards, look at grades, and review assignments.

4.2. Blackboard: Does all of the things that gaggle does and more. This one is a bit more collegiate.                         

4.2.1. u65

4.3. Canvas: This is a great one because we use it almost every day. It is by far the best one simply because it is the most user friendly and organized.