Community Living Chatham-Kent

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Community Living Chatham-Kent by Mind Map: Community Living Chatham-Kent

1. Our goal is that all people live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate effectively.

2. Services/Programs for children and youth:

3. Community Living believes that everyone is enriched by embracing and understanding diversity, barriers are eliminated through awareness, public education, and partnerships and that all people have the right to be fully informed and make choices.

4. Community Living provides services that encourage integration within the community, and to offer families alternatives to placing their children in institutions, making these services more accessible to families.  At-home-respite is available to help eliminate accessibility barriers.

5. Resources: Community Living Chatham-Kent,

6. Making It Happen: Designed to ease the transition from school to adulthood by helping to build confidence and necessary skills.

7. Person Centre Planning: Helps children and youth understand themselves better in order to develop their personal interests and set and achieve goals.

8. Employment Services: Provides youth with summer job opportunities to help them engage with their own community and gain experiences.

9. Social and Recreational Activities: helps children and youth identify and grow their talents and service the community.

10. At-Home-Respite: Assists children and students with gaining greater independance

11. Accessibility

12. Equity, Inclusion & Diversity

13. These beliefs are at the root of all services and programming offered by Community Living.

14. Mission Statement