Sony (BMG) Music Entertainment

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Sony (BMG) Music Entertainment by Mind Map: Sony (BMG) Music Entertainment

1. A&R Development/Director

1.1. Identify potential new talent, concepts and projects using every resource available. Develop and coordinate the signing of new talent to RCA Inspiration.

1.2. Source potential talent through online research of artist/band websites and social networking sites. Attend live performances at showcases, concerts, and other venues. Maintain files/records on all shows attended. Log, review and recommend submitted/solicited demos

1.3. Help artist find the right producer and recording studio. Schedule recording sessions. Coordinate per-production and production, mixing, mastering, and sequencing. Evaluate recording and mixing progress for each project.

1.4. Create a network of resources including songwriters, producers, managers, booking agents, attorneys, concert promoters, trade and consumer press, and taste makers.

2. Coordinator, Marketing and content Development

2.1. Work closely with the International Department head to ensure that Sony Music Masterworks repertoire is properly marketed, promoted, manufactured and imaged internationally

2.2. Management of label ticket buys Set up vendors in our payment system ,process Independent Contractor

2.3. Maintain and update filmmaker contact list Book travel, hotels and cars for VPs and artists Travel and expense reports

2.4. Digital music servicing to necessary partners . Execute high-volume radio mailings to terrestrial radio stations on behalf of independent radio promoters, Upload assets to shared servers for internal and external distribution.

2.5. Address and respond to problems and inquiries submitted through label websites

3. Digital Label Manager

3.1. Liaise with RED digital production team to ensure proper delivery of digital releases.

3.2. Perform compliance checks on priority releases. Advise labels on digital marketing, advertising, influence marketing and help them create marketing plans where appropriate.

3.3. Attend label meetings. Attend RED artists’ shows.

4. Label Copy Coordinator

4.1. Monitor Internal Label Products release schedules to identify copyright work to be initiated.

4.2. Obtaining product information such as label copy and video cue-sheets from various departments within the company

4.3. Update payment statuses of songwriters, publishers, songs or products as needed.

4.4. Respond to publisher inquiries regarding ownership, splits/shares and licensing status. Generate and circulating reports. Assist with special projects on an as-needed basis.

4.5. Process copyright licenses for physical, digital and mobile products, including requesting, reviewing and executing licenses.

4.6. Perform administrative tasks pertaining to the clearance of video broadcasting and/or synchronization rights. Perform administrative tasks pertaining to the negotiation of reduced copyright royalty rates

5. VP, Promotions / RCA Inspiration

5.1. Develop, implement, and evaluate long-term promotional chart strategies for RCAI artist singles to increase visibility and sales. Develop, cultivate and leverage relationships with label staff and other industry leaders.

5.2. Evaluate and contract with independent promoters as needed to assist with promotions of songs and/or artists. Maintain weekly contact with promoter to assess quality and quantity of work.