Apps for Students and Teachers in a 1-to-1 Math Class

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Apps for Students and Teachers in a 1-to-1 Math Class by Mind Map: Apps for Students and Teachers in a 1-to-1 Math Class

1. For Teacher Use: Organization

1.1. Tiny Scan: Can scan any handwritten or typed document and turn into a PDF.   Great for scanning class notes or extra notes on whiteboard.

1.2. Common Core State Standards Pocket App: Menus are easy to navigate to find the individual standards or can use the search menu

1.3. Google Drive: Organize all classes by folders and subfolders.  Can share documents with students and colleagues.   Teachers can even have shared department folders.

1.4. Google Calendar: Store all meetings and class assignments in one place. Can have reminders that pop up on screen and/or text message.   Collaborate and share calendars between colleagues and students.

2. For Student Use: Calculators

2.1. MyScript Calculator: Write full expression on screen and calculator will evaluate.  Can write fractions, parentheses, etc.

2.2. Wabbitemu: Not available on iTunes yet but someone has copy cat-ed the TI-83 and 84.  Normally buying the hand held version is over $100 but this app is free!

2.3. Quick Graph: Best calculator for graphing 3D images in calculus and some linear algebra.  Even Texas Instruments does not have this technology yet!

2.4. U Protractor: Uses the iPad or iPhone's camera as a protractor.  Operator needs to align bottom of protractor, just like a manual.

3. For Student Use: Self Help Tools

3.1. BrainPOP: Tim and Moby demonstrate examples of math grouped by topic in an easy to understand way.  Students can also do small quizzes at the end.

3.2. Ooops: Order of Operations practice!  Students often forget how much order of operations can effect an answer.  This is an essential skill to advance to solving equations.

3.3. Algebra Pro: Has practice problems and "Show Me" lessons where problem is worked out for student with narrated steps.

3.4. Fractions: Designed for any level, can change between easy, medium, or hard.  Students can even change to test mode.  Students can practice comparing fractions, putting in lowest terms, etc.