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Animations by Mind Map: Animations

1. Active Animations

1.1. Bruce Chan

1.1.1. Move

1.1.2. Flying Kick Move Perform FK

1.1.3. Throw Move Get Object Perform Throw

1.1.4. Unarmed Attack Move Perform Attack (Unarmed)

1.1.5. Grab Simple Grab Move Perform Grab Grab and Shoot Simple Grab Grab Shooting

1.2. Enemies

1.2.1. Move

1.2.2. Flying Kick

1.2.3. Melee Attack Unarmed Attack Sword Attack Move Perform Attack (Sword)

1.2.4. Ranged Attack Shoot Perform Shoot

2. Passive Animations

2.1. Bruce Chan

2.1.1. Flying Kicked Push and Fall

2.1.2. Melle Attacked Unarmed Attack Receive Attack Sword Attack Receive Attack Fall Sword Attacked While Grabbing (enemy dies) Attack Recoil (perhaps we should do this one later) Release Hostage

2.1.3. Range Attacked Shot Push and Fall or Fall Shot While Grabbing (enemy dies) Sword Attacked While Grabbing

2.1.4. Dodge Dodge Bullets Perform Dodge

2.2. Enemies

2.2.1. Flying Kicked

2.2.2. Melle Attacked Receive Unarmed Attack Receive Attack Fall Receive Sword Attack While Grabbed Floundering (perhaps we should do this one later) Fall

2.2.3. Range Attacked Shot Shot While Grabbed Receive Sword Attack While Grabbed Hit by Object Push and Fall or Fall