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Development by Mind Map: Development

1. Beta launch

1.1. Social

1.1.1. gamification finish mockups thumb down owner of liked content gets coins

1.2. Store

1.2.1. add more products smartphones sonos speakers books connexall hats connexall cups connexall jackets

1.3. Home automation

1.3.1. scheduling

1.4. Newspaper

1.4.1. integrated into our platform

1.4.2. user should be able activate the app we send a request to my connections everyone that acceps is part of the app the others just stay in global we can invite connection to the app we can make the app public / private others should be able to like/dislike the article

1.5. Gamification

1.5.1. General reward coins for filling the profile information attribute ranks/badges to the users when a milestone is reached recommend users to the platform import users from a contact list milestones every 10 users that are recommended the user gets x coins reaching 100 recommended users they get a badge

1.5.2. Social reward for having likes/dislikes on comments, posts and shares reward for our posts being shared reward for the first post of the day

1.5.3. Store buy items from the store with coins payments (HTTPS)

1.5.4. Newspaper like an article dislike an article owner receives coins for it

1.6. Connection management

1.6.1. across all the platform add global connections not attached to any app

1.6.2. by app app connections are also platform connections removing a connection from an app doesn't remove them from the platform

1.7. Town square (landing page)

1.7.1. marketing video tutorials brochures explain the site what is it

1.7.2. users with highest points history of how one earned the points, with timestamps

1.7.3. user with highest ranks History of the ranks the user achieved, with timestamps

1.7.4. standings page

1.8. Administration portal

1.8.1. Real-time information History with timestamps Organized by app Social Store Newspaper General

2. Further development

2.1. Social

2.1.1. Recommend products

2.1.2. Comment on products

2.2. Administration portal

2.2.1. Real-time information History with timestamps Organized by app Messaging

2.2.2. Advertising global post able to target a specific app, or all able to target users by their profile information