Update - 2016 Recruiting Department Goals

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Update - 2016 Recruiting Department Goals by Mind Map: Update - 2016 Recruiting Department Goals

1. Quarter 3

1.1. July

1.1.1. Houston Top Workplace survey launch

1.1.2. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence Prepare for August 2nd meeting w/ Andrew Basso

1.1.3. Staffing Strategy - Ilume Acquisition RM will interview current staff first, then will proceed with strategy

1.1.4. Create branding strategy - Company Recognition Awards

1.1.5. Glassdoor mid year check "I Love Venterra" day Encourage Glassdoor reviews by submitting "How To Post" video to field Ask Account Rep if anything needs to be done; see if we are on track for BPTW win

1.1.6. Vanessa-participate in SRSC in Dallas (late July)

1.1.7. Start branding execution for Achievers win

1.1.8. Indeed mid year check Will keep in mind for Ilume acquistion Do we need to add to Indeed budget during months of Ilume recruiting?

1.2. August

1.2.1. Candidate Experience Tactics Make sure new ideas are being implemented and are successful (BS - what does this mean? Did we do this?) I followed up with all BLMs and some CMs about courtesy calls and if they like it and see if it's working.  Per Jo, Kristen, Minerva, and Crystal-they find it very effective

1.2.2. Continue leveraging Achievers win - rollover from July (BS - What does this mean? What did we do?) I should have erased this only thing we did is submit the announcement and PR.  Nothing else will be done until door decals

1.2.3. KO 2017 Awards Identify what companies we are going to work with and see if there are better awards that are cheaper Find out awards budget and stick to that number or lower Also see what type of awards we can use for Achievers/GPTW/BPTW

1.2.4. Quarterly SEO update

1.2.5. NMHC new pay grids

1.2.6. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence

1.2.7. Social Media Strategies What's working?  What's new that we should look into?  What's working on Yammer? Look at take-aways from Eastin's conference and Vanessa's SRSC conference

1.2.8. Relaunch - Leasing Webinar (BS - do you still feel this is beneficial? If so, when do you want to start this up? What about invite new Illume/Coles inside staff hires?) Right now, we don't have the time.  Trying to eliminate as much from Eastin as he is behind. I will communicate to him during 9/22 huddle to see if he would be okay with delivering one for new Ilume/CC staff-good idea!

1.2.9. Ilume Acquisition Recruiting Execute strategy

1.2.10. Eastin-learn Camtasia and Power Director Can practice with blogs and creating company recognition awards video

1.2.11. Eastin-strategy of branding pictures Where will be they be (DropBox or OneDrive) Submit strategy to Bridget for approval

1.2.12. Eastin-start assisting w/ WOW Book

1.2.13. Create Report Template for Leadership Survey

1.2.14. Eastin-add Company Recognition Awards section to CS (BS - what is the latest with this?) This is completed.  He added a blog category and a permanent blog slider for the current awards

1.3. September

1.3.1. Ilume Acquisition Recruiting

1.3.2. Finalize KO 2017 Awards Finalize what companies we are partnering with Get estimated total based off of last year's number of awards

1.3.3. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence

1.3.4. Follow Up: DocuSign Contract ends October 2016 Should we renew at same amount?  How many app slots did we use? Send out an internal email - reminder of the paperless app and that it's in Spanish as well

1.3.5. Follow Up: Maintenance Test Get with Joey and David on if we have decided to cut down the test to 50 questions and/or automated the test Assist with anything they need for execution

1.3.6. Execute branding strategy for Company Recognition Awards If we find out we have won during this month

1.3.7. Eastin-execute branding pictures strategy

1.3.8. Update Linked In profile with Company Recognition Awards in employment section - see Peter Phelan's LI profile (BS - can you share with Eastin & I what we need to do here? Anyone else that should be doing this? Don't forget to update after Oct 12th for GPTW) Right now, no.  I will share with Eastin and you once it's done

2. Quarter 4

2.1. October

2.1.1. 2017 KO Duties Whatever is assigned to us by Jessica Shaw Create vision of video incorporating company recognition awards and get with Jessica about it Get w/ Mary about WOW Book page for company awards Make it similar to the slider on the Careers Site (BS - please share with her any ideas you have)

2.1.2. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence

2.1.3. Research Trends of Recruiting What should we implement now or for 2017?

2.1.4. Taleo Follow Up Is this the best ATS for Venterra? Do we want to give Taleo access to Hiring Managers? Talk to Account Rep to see if there are any new features that will benefit Venterra (or any planning to debut early 2017) Look at low cost CRM platforms as well

2.1.5. Vendor Follow Up Follow up with vendors we partner with to see new features, price changes, etc. for 2017.  Do we stay with the same ones or venture to new ones?  This will help create advertising budget/recruiting strategy for 2017

2.1.6. Execute branding strategy for Company Recognition Awards If we find out we have won during this month Research what other winning companies are doing for branding the award wins

2.1.7. Meeting w/Robin Finney Let her know about our SM goals; what do we have access to; what can we manage Details are in SM Strategy

2.1.8. Try out Google Paid Ads

2.1.9. -Vanessa: Read book about Leadership & create take aways

2.2. November

2.2.1. 2017 KO Duties Whatever is assigned to us by Jessica Shaw

2.2.2. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence

2.2.3. Execute branding strategy for Company Recognition Awards If we find out we have won during this month Send out announcement of Houston TW win Order plaques and send to properties

2.2.4. Create 2017 Recruiting Dept. Goals

2.2.5. Create YTD Terminations Analysis Identify Trends

2.2.6. Create Advertising and Social Media Analysis Create 2017 Advertising Budget

2.2.7. Intranet Update Make sure Recruiting section is updated on SharePoint

2.2.8. Quarterly Pay Grid Increase

2.2.9. Assist with Leadership survey

2.2.10. -Vanessa: Read book to help with 2017 Recruiting Strategy and create take aways

2.3. December

2.3.1. 2017 KO Duties Whatever is assigned to us by Jessica Shaw Make sure final KO Tee design is approved by Bridget

2.3.2. Continue assistance - Business Intelligence

2.3.3. Execute branding strategy for Company Recognition Awards Focus on Glassdoor BPTW Award as the winners are announced early December Order door decals for the company recognition award wins for 2016 Use JPT Graphics Send out updated hyperlinks for employees' signature line - get with Neil on this

2.3.4. Recruiting Department - 2017 Ops Plan Create timeline to streamline 2017 Recruiting Dept. Goals Include Venterra SM Ambassador program Include what worked for 2016/what hasn't worked for 2016

2.3.5. Research Best in Multi-Family Award See what it entails and if we should participate in 2017