Brand Yourself Assignment Lily Knowles

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Brand Yourself Assignment Lily Knowles by Mind Map: Brand Yourself Assignment Lily Knowles

1. Audience

1.1. Who? I will be presenting to my future employer or possibly a future partner. This presentation will allow me to get my name and skills out to the public. I'm looking for the perfect company to work for. I do not intend to settle for anything less. Some traits would include passion, energy, and a company that wants to make the world better by using technology.

1.2. What are they looking for? My audience is looking to be blown away by talent. They know they are coming to a presentation that is delivered by a recent grad from a university in the Mobile Development field. It's my job to grab their attention and want to learn more about who I am and what I can bring to the table.

1.3. What do I want the audience to do after the presentation? I would like to be hired by a dream company. I want the audience to feel like they need me on their team because of my skills and determination. I was them to feel inspired by my work and willing to give me a chance to continue to inspire people.

2. Flow of Ideas

2.1. Beginning: I will start my presentation by introducing myself to the audience. I will give a brief history of my life before I decided to take a giant leap of faith and start over. This will include details around my previous career and the people who influenced me to finally make a change in my life. This will represent my STAR moment.

2.2. Middle: Now that the audience knows a little about my past I can give them a little background on the Mobile Development field and my passion for application development. I will also be giving detail on my time spent at Full Sail university as a full time online student which will include all of the highs and the lows throughout the process of gaining my Bachelor of Science degree. This section will lead up to my closing statement.

2.3. End: My conclusion will summarize my skills that I will be able to perform for my new company such as developing, designing, testing, and troubleshooting mobile games and applications. I will also be showing examples of some apps that I created myself. At the end of my presentation I will leave a small window for questions and comments to be made. My end goal is to be hired for a lifelong career.

3. Tools

3.1. What am I using? I will be using Keynote to deliver my presentation. With keynote I will be able to design my own color scheme, used improved animation, multitask why editing, and have the most updated layout options. Using Keynote will ensure that I have a good quality presentation on a solid platform.

3.2. What do I need? - MacBook Pro: saving presentation, deliver presentation - Keynote software: create presentation - High speed internet: research - Presentation clicker: so I do not need to stand by my laptop to get to the next slide - Finalized presentation: Reviewed and rehearsed prior to delivery day - Professional attire: appear presentable to my future employer - Clean professional space to deliver presentation: a cluttered space is distracting to the audience

4. Most difficult aspects

4.1. Production: I believe convincing my audience to put their trust in a fresh new graduate will be the most difficult task. It seems now a days that companies only want to hire employees with experience under their belt. Because I am so new in the field I will prepare a presentation that will leave the audience without a doubt on my side, offering me positions within their company.

4.2. Delivery: Since I have a good amount of presentation experience, I believe the delivery portion of my presentation will be easier for me. I believe an obstacle that I will still face while delivering is the audience. I've never given a presentation on myself to this degree. I will concentrate on the final outcome, which will be my new start date at the new company that wishes to hire me.

5. Obstacles

5.1. I think one of my top obstacles will be time. This presentation will only be 3 to 4 minutes which is a small amount of time to pitch yourself to your future employer. I think another obstacle will be the distraction. I will be presenting to my future employer which means there will be CEO's, hiring managers, clients, potential co-workers, etc. I plan to overcome these obstacles by reminding myself about the bigger picture, my future.

6. Presentation Goal

6.1. My goal for this presentation is to get hired by my dream company. I will be delivering a presentation on myself and I will be convincing a company to hire me. I wish to find a company that can give me a good work life balance. Also, this company should be a successful one, always giving back to education so we can continue grow with technology.