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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Porformance

1.1. Definition: Requires students to perform a task instead of selecting an answer

1.2. Authentic

1.3. Individual, or group projects

1.4. Portfolios

1.5. Student logs

1.6. Journals

2. Formative

2.1. Definition: Process of gathering evidence of students learning through the use of formal and informal procedures to modify teaching and learning activities for student learning, and improvement

2.2. Informal Formative Assessment

2.2.1. Observation

2.2.2. Questioning

2.2.3. Immediate feedback and instructional adjustment

2.3. Formal Formative Assessment

2.3.1. Quizzes and Unit tests

2.3.2. Homework

2.3.3. Structured exercises

2.3.4. Pretest

2.3.5. In class assignments

2.3.6. Classroom Response System

2.4. Formative Assessment Cycle

2.4.1. Gather evidence of learning

2.4.2. Evaluate evidence

2.4.3. Feedback

2.4.4. Adjust instruction

3. Summative

3.1. Definition: End of a large chunk of learning is evaluated

3.2. Standardized testing, final exams, major cumulative projects, research projects, etc.

3.3. Review what you want to do

3.4. Criteria for ensuring high-quality assessment

3.5. Prepares students

3.5.1. Teach assessment taking skills

3.5.2. Test length, format, types of questions, etc.

3.5.3. Overcome assessment anxiety

3.5.4. Review before testing

4. Interim/benchmarked

4.1. Definition: Periodic testing throughout the school year to check where students are in their learning progress, and to determine  where they are on track to performing well on future assessments.

4.1.1. Every six weeks, or chapter test

4.2. More formal style using projects, written assignments, and test

4.3. Little or no student feedback

5. Why?

5.1. Teachers improve instructional practices

5.2. Students learn

5.3. Educational programs are evaluated by policymakers

5.4. Administrators allocate resources as needed

6. What is assessment?

6.1. Purposeful and systematic measurements

6.2. Used for documentation, reflection, and improvement of both student learning and instructional practices

6.3. Used to analyze the data to make decisions about teaching strategies and students

7. Delivery types

7.1. Paper and pencil

7.2. Online

7.3. Computer adaptive testing

8. Scoring types

8.1. Human scoring

8.2. Rubric

8.3. Distributed/Automated

8.4. Checklist