integrating information techonology into Key Stage 3 curriculum

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integrating information techonology into Key Stage 3 curriculum by Mind Map: integrating information techonology into Key Stage 3 curriculum

1. flipped learning

1.1. asks students to watch videos at home and have follow-up activities about the videos in classroom

1.1.1. students encountered less stress and their learning outcomes enhanced

2. Web 2.0

2.1. integrate web-based learning and social networking technologies into the curriculum

2.1.1. E.g.: Wiki, Facebook, blogs, podcasts, etc.

2.1.2. by using digital media in class, teachers' intervention seen as facilitator rather than information-provider which will enhance students' learning

3. Information literacy

3.1. people trained in application of information to do their work

3.1.1. accommodation: project learning (could be cross subjects or only one) through applying skills of choosing the right information, students can grasp the skills of information literacy

4. e-textbooks or electronic resources

4.1. intranet

4.2. e-textbooks functions as big books


5.1. Device e.g: Smartphones, Tablets

5.2. let students participate in classroom activities by using their own devices

5.3. having a deal with students that their devices were only used when conducting teaching activities during lessons

6. learning management system

6.1. enable to extend the learning environment by creating an online community for students to explore and support each other together

6.2. take students to learn further by providing teaching materials on e-learning platform so that they learn individually at anytime anywhere, at the same time, the time consumed compared with traditional method is saved