The 10,00-Hour Rule

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The 10,00-Hour Rule by Mind Map: The 10,00-Hour Rule

1. Bill Gates

1.1. He is an innate person.

1.2. He got the good opportunity when he was Lakeside in 1968.

1.3. His birthday is October 28, 1955,which is perfect timing to change the world.

2. The Beatles

2.1. they are innate people

2.2. "The Hamburg crucible is one of the things that set the Beatles apart"(50)

2.3. They got the good opportunity by Bruno when they were London.

2.4. they were just a high school rock bend, but they practiced 10,000 more hours so became start bend.

3. Bill Joy

3.1. got the good opportunity from Berkeley to rewrite UNIX

3.2. rewrite UNIX, Java, and he called as the Edison of the Internet

3.3. by the age of twenty, he had totaled ten thousand hours of practice.

3.4. He is an innate person

3.5. His birthday is November 8, 1954 ,which is perfect timing to change the world.