Why Canada is the Greatest Country to Live in

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Why Canada is the Greatest Country to Live in by Mind Map: Why Canada is the Greatest Country to Live in

1. Physical

1.1. Landforms

1.1.1. Canadian Shield Many mammals lots of vegetation Valuable minerals job opportunities(mining) Recreation vast forests lakes

1.2. Climate

1.2.1. North Tundra Summers Winters

1.2.2. South Temperate continental Summers Winters

1.2.3. East Subarctic Summers Winters

1.3. Soil and Vegetation

1.3.1. Wetlands prevent flooding filter toxins store groundwater limit erosions swamps minesing freshwater marshes lakes tantramar marsh

2. Economic

2.1. Resources

2.1.1. mining more than 375,000 jobs 3,700 companies supplying services high wages annual pay: $100,000 produces more than 60 minerals and metals first verified performance system for sustainable mining practices in the world centre of global mining finance and expertise

2.1.2. farming largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world largest cash flow producers grains red meat(livestock) dairy horiculture poultry and eggs Programs and organizations for new/beginning farmers Agritalent agcareers Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario farm link Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Canadian Association of Diploma in Agriculture Programs 4-H Canada Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council Canadian Agricultural Safety Association Canadian Outstanding Young Farmers Program Canadian Young Farmers' Forum Community Information Database Farm Management Canada

2.1.3. forestry 40% of its 979 million hectares over 190,000  jobs over $23 billion to the economy produce timber fire wood cane fibre bamboo grasses essential oils food(syrups) Wind breaks shelter belts fodder fuel wood

2.1.4. fishing $5 billion a year more than 120,000 jobs Manitoba 3,600 fishers Commercial sea and freshwater fisheries landings $1.7 billion Aquaculture production $801 million Seafood product preparation and packaging revenues $3.9 billion

2.1.5. water Municipal water supply 12% cooling water for power generation 64% manufacturing 14% agriculture 9% 9,000 public water and sanitation systems more then 300,000 jobs

3. Liveability

3.1. cities

3.1.1. vancouver

3.1.2. toronto

3.1.3. calgary

3.2. good climate

3.3. good population distribution

3.4. multicultural

3.5. low crime rates

3.6. job opportunities

3.7. good education system

3.8. free health care

3.9. not many environmental concerns

4. Human

4.1. settlement

4.1.1. rural 19-30% of total population low population density 150 persons per square kilometre

4.1.2. urban about 80% of total population high population density Cities(Toronto)

4.2. immigration

4.2.1. easy to immigrate post-secondary education provincial nominee program free schooling job offers family here family class program easy move-in skilled work experience easy job finds more oportunities starting a buisness here earn money bring culture to canada

4.3. first nations

4.3.1. accepting communities

4.3.2. good education

4.3.3. no taxes

4.3.4. 634 recognized First Nations governments

4.3.5. 5.6% of the Canadian population

4.3.6. influences on Canadian culture