Mobile Apps for Beck's Backyard Classroom

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Mobile Apps for Beck's Backyard Classroom by Mind Map: Mobile Apps for Beck's Backyard Classroom

1. Apps for Communication

1.1. Twitter

1.1.1. -a social media that also works as a personal learning network for teachers, communication tool for parents, and a way for students to show off their learning


1.2. Facebook

1.2.1. -a social media that could be set up by classroom teachers for parents to follow, find information, or keep up-to-date on what their students are doing


1.3. Email

1.3.1. -allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate, collaborate, and share information through a digital letter


1.4. Remind

1.4.1. -allows parents to sign up for a group text sent out by teachers that keeps all numbers anonymous


2. Apps for Assessments

2.1. Google Docs

2.1.1. -allows students to share work with teachers and peers for comments, editing, and more


2.2. Google Classroom

2.2.1. -allows students to turn in assignments, find hyperlinks, and connect with other students


2.3. Nearpod

2.3.1. -allows teachers to take a quick response assessment of student learning; similar to class clickers


2.4. Animoto

2.4.1. -allows students to make a short, 30 second video about what they learned during a lesson


3. Apps for Creation

3.1. iMovie

3.1.1. -allows students and teachers to create a movie


3.2. Chatterpix

3.2.1. -allows creators to use an image that then "talks" using a recorded voice


3.3. Tellagami

3.3.1. -creates an avatar that speaks during the presentation or use a recorded voice


3.4. Google Slides

3.4.1. -a form of presentations where students can create slides with information, pictures, videos, and more