Creative Presentation 2.4

creative presentation 2.4

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Creative Presentation 2.4 by Mind Map: Creative Presentation 2.4

1. My goal is to show my future employer that I am a perfect fit for the music industry. I have the will and determination to strive in this industry plus I am motivated to be the best.

2. What type of information is important to the group you are presenting to?

2.1. The information that will be important to the group I am presenting to will be my confidence and ability to work with the technical aspects of sound, as well as my ability to collaborate with producers, musicians, and other artists to acquire the desired sound preference.

3. What would you like the audience to do or think about after your presentation?

3.1. After my presentation, I would like my audience to take a brief look at my portfolio and browse threw some of my completed projects. I am a firm believer that action speaks louder than words, and I feel that my work speaks for itself.

4. What tools are you planning to use for this presentation? Why did you choose to use these tools over others?

4.1. structure and brainstorming.

4.2. Audacity- sound recording

4.3. Lightworks- for video editing

4.4. Pro tools- audio mastering

4.5. AP Images- pictures for presentation

5. Who is my audience?

5.1. The audience I am targeting with this presentation will be Atlantic Records.

6. Flow of ideas

6.1. My idea is to incorporate recorded sounds and visual elements into a video presentation that will last about 5 to 7 minutes. This presentation will also include still images with a small amount of text content.

6.2. Obstacles I may encounter: My audience might be hesitant because of my lack of experience. They may also question my ability to accept change in the industry or my ability to work with others to achieve desired results.

6.3. Solutions: I will show them my current skill level from within the presentation and inquire about different intern positions that will allow myself to polish my skills with professionals working in the field.

6.3.1. This is a child idea

6.4. I feel that the hardest parts of this presentation both production and delivery will be: organizing all my thoughts into 5-7 minutes, immediately grabbing my audiences attention within the first minute and keeping it throughout the presentation. Making sure my delivery is on point and my content is interesting. My biggest obstacle will be overcoming my shyness and speaking with confidence to ensure my first impression is a lasting one.