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1.1. Sentences structures thal explain a particular situation or circumstance and its consequeces. there are four maincordituonds that are commonly used in the inglish larguage.

2. Zero conditiond: Always true. Deal with issues that are always true.                                        they can often be thought af as statino a scientifi fact.                                                            Examples:                                                        Ifyou jump in elake, you get wet.                      if you stick your handin a fir, it burns.

3. First conditiond: Daily considerations.   Deals with issues that have ared possibility of accuring.                                  Examples:                                        If t have a lot of maney, t´u buy a car.  If t found her adress, I will send her an invitation.

4. Third canditionad: Not real possibilitis.                               Deals with events with events that are not red passibilities.                        Examples:           If t had a million dollars, I would travel around the world.                                      If t were you, t would not do this.

5. Second conditiond: Inthe past deals with events that have no possibility of happening.                                                 Example:                                               If petr had told me he had a problem, t would have helped hin.                       If rene had studied, he would have passed the test.