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2. What is beauty?

3. "His name was Lionel. He was a heroin addict. He died of an overdose when I was thirteen years old. He had the biggest heart in the neighbourhood. I still owe him five dollars."

4. "I'm an addict.I would never pass that gene on.Besides, i've got you. That's way, way better than any sucker that would come out of me." This quote, makes us feel that Lionel doesn't think he is a good man either. He must think that because he is an addict means he has bad intentions and has a bad heart (heartless), in the contrary, he has good intentions, which is helping the little boy, Michal, with his fear.

5. This story makes me think of the song "Monster" by Eminem and Rihanna. Because this songs talks about the monster thats in our heads, a negative being that has been created to mess with our heads, telling us that we aren't good enough, etc. It vaguely talks about drugs as well.

6. In this story, Lionel a young man with a drug addiction, is trying to help a little boy with his shyness problem. Because of Lionel's drug addiction, all of his surroundings treat him as if he was a horrible person.

7. This story talks about a man with a drug addiction trying to help a little boy with his shyness. Because of this man's drug addiction, his surroundings think of him as a bad person.

8. This story talks about a different kind of "Violent beauty". It mostly talks about inner beauty, compared to "Dolls" that talked about outer beauty.

9. "Each one knew that once, they had been special. Once they had been loved." This quote means that each doll knew that when they were "pretty" they were special and loved, and now that they are "dirty" they feel like they aren't as special and aren't loved.

10. The moral of this story is that; to be loved, you must not be perfect, to be loved means to be appreciated and cared for. Beauty has no reliance with love.

11. This story makes me think of the movie "Black Swan", because throughout the movie, all she wants is to be perfect. She then develops an illness and becomes crazy, all because she wants to be "perfect". We must understand that nobody is perfect and that beauty is within.

12. The story talks about different kinds of dolls, who aren't as clean and pretty as other dolls. Throughout the story, we meet different dolls and get to know their story and find out how they got so dirty.

13. This story is the perfect example of violent beauty. It shows that that to be beautiful, you have to look like what society thinks is beautiful. If we take dolls for example, they have to be pretty, clean, have nice clothes, etc.


15. By Tuba and Sara