Don'ts of freshman year

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Don'ts of freshman year by Mind Map: Don'ts of freshman year

1. Don't Skip School

1.1. You will get behind.

1.2. Give you a reputation

1.3. Could go over absent limit

2. Don't be stupid

2.1. Don't Miss school for no reason

2.2. Don't pick fights

2.3. Don't put your name out there

2.3.1. If the principal knows who you are before your first day, that's a bad thing.

2.4. Its not cool, its not funny to be the kid who talks back to teachers and tries to talk crap for no reason

3. Don't Fail

3.1. If you fail as a freshman you limit the classes you can take.

3.2. Have to retake class at some point

3.3. Go through same class twice

4. Don't be Lame

4.1. Go to all the dances

4.2. Tryout for sports teams

4.3. Join clubs

4.4. Talk to people

5. Don't get behind

5.1. You will get stuck with more and more work each day

5.2. Do stuff when its  due

5.3. Get absent work

6. Don't be those hallway people

6.1. Don't stop in the middle of the hallway

6.2. Don't walk slow people like me will hate you

6.3. If you have to stop got by the wall

7. Get involved with a senior

7.1. No matter how much you think they care they don't.

8. Take to many online classes

8.1. There harder then other classes

8.2. They can get overwhelming

9. Ask for attention

9.1. The more you ask the less people want to give it to you

10. Don't Be Mean

10.1. Don't talk back to teachers

10.2. Don't try and be tough to other grade levles

10.3. Don't put your name on the map as a freshman