Polar Bear Mind Map

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Polar Bear Mind Map by Mind Map: Polar Bear Mind Map

1. Status

1.1. Threatened!!!

1.1.1. Climate change is the single biggest threat facing polar bears

1.1.2. Global warming causes the ice to melt therefore they can't walk to get food and they will die of hunger.

2. Biome

2.1. Tundra Biome which is found south of the ice caps of the Arctic. It also extends across North America, Europe, and Siberia

3. Habitat

3.1. Polar bears are found throughout the circumpolar Arctic

4. Biology

4.1. Males

4.1.1. An adult male weighs around 350–680 kg (770–1,500 lb) Height: Average adult male is about 8.5 ft.

4.2. Females

4.2.1. Average adult female 500 lbs. Skeleton Off Spring - usual two born at at time Usual stay with their moms for 2.5 years

5. Human Impact

5.1. More carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are being put into the atmosphere.

5.2. Polar bears have a large amount of pollution in their bodies

6. Action Plan

6.1. Make sure to do my part in pollution control - recycle and walk more instead of using the car

7. Links

7.1. Polar bears and Global Warming

7.2. Polar bear cartoon

8. Pictures

8.1. Mom and cubs

9. Map

9.1. Map

10. Resources

10.1. Polar Bears Internation

10.2. Wikipedia

10.3. Kids National Geographic

10.4. The arctic